Telegraph: Gears Of War 2 Review

Tom Hoggins-

The second installment in Epic's dark and brutal sci-fi shooter justifies the incredible hype surrounding it.

With Gears of War 2 carrying the incredible weight of hype and expectation upon its impossibly large shoulders, it was always going to face a huge amount of scrutiny. Gamers and critics will pore over every inch of Epic Studios' well-oiled war machine, looking for the seams, seeing if the boughs will break when given a hard enough prod.

Bigger, better and more badass? You'd better believe it.

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4031d ago Replies(2)
etownone4031d ago

Still holding on to that 94 score on metacritic.

nuff said


I Got 99 Problems Bu4031d ago

no 10 for Gears2,what happened with this game man????I thought it would be getting 10s left and right

GUNS N SWORDS4031d ago

Giant Bomb
X360 Magazine

Spike474031d ago

Yeah, keyword on "metacritic". Why don't you make a review of R2 and give it another 8.0, maybe MS will send you a check too like Gamedaily.

terrandragon4031d ago

Why do you have to be so mean? People like you don't deserve to have games if you are just going to rant on another game.

baum4031d ago

Edge, Eurogamer and Gamespot are getting their ammunition ready to destroy the masterpiece that is Resistance 2 in order to get their Microchecks cashed. R2 might just end up getting a worse score than the first resistance since Game Informer, 1up and Gamepro gave R2 a worse score than the first one (LOL can you believe that?) even though there are very few games as ambitious as this one this generation, and those games don't include Halo or Gears. Think fallout, oblivion, bioshock, Metal Gear Solid 4, GTAIV....

Microsoft and Nintendo will be the industry's downfall. But I guess Sony is to blame too for being so ambitious and making the PS3 so damned expensive and hard to code for.

air14031d ago

10's or not it's still the better shooter of the year..

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