Days Gone: Interview with Creative Director John Garvin

Go behind the scenes to learn about the making of this year's hit PS4 exclusive.

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NecrumOddBoy439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

Like my grandmother always says, Walmart has those low prices and top knotch investigative journalism.

KingHippo19439d ago

lol now that made me laugh.

Knushwood Butt438d ago

Well, I'm not in on the joke, unless it's simply that Walmart doesn't have a reputation for journalism, but fact is that interview is more interesting than most of the 'gaming journalism' out there. So good job Walmart, and keep on with them low prices!

OB1Biker438d ago

Paul Hunter is well worth following on twitter.

AK91438d ago

Walmart Canada came outta nowhere but I’m glad they did.

supes_24438d ago

An interview by Walmart!!!??? And it happens to be the best interview since this game released, by a giant nongaming site at that. Good job, it was a great read