E3 2019 Predictions – Microsoft

It is time again for the Player 2 Crew to make wildly inaccurate predictions about what is likely to show up at E3. First on the chopping block is Microsoft.

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affrogamer23d ago

Soft reveal of project Scarlett, Anaconda and Lockhart!

GtPawnSacrifices22d ago

Project Washburn unveiled too.
(Elite controller v2, google it)

gam3r_4_lif322d ago

At this stage it would seem a little late for a new elite unless it is future compatible. My current one still works. I would like a new one but was just going to hold off to see ifcthey launched a next gen version

GtPawnSacrifices22d ago

I assumed the same, but probably will be compatible given the Razer KB/M & Adaptive controllers were released this late also.

capjacksparrow23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Gears 5 gameplay, maybe Halo Infinite gameplay (or at least info or trailer), new Fable, more info what their new studios are doing, new studio acquisitions, then a bunch of third party stuff that I'll be playing on PlayStation. Honestly though, I look forward to seeing what Ninja Theory is working on, they're a good developer. Microsoft seems to be getting their act together.

NarutoFox23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I want to see something spectacular and something new. Something better and more exciting than Halo and Gears. Hopefully we'll see that at E3

TheSaint23d ago

Can't believe you got downvoted for saying that, the cold hard truth is that Xbox 'exclusives' are stale by this point.

They need to announce something mind-blowing otherwise Sony will take next gen too.

gam3r_4_lif322d ago (Edited 22d ago )

@thetaint God of War was stale so I am sure you wished they did not make the last one. The halo and gears universes are very expansive. There are still lots of cool stories to be told and room for lots of diff game types.

A new AAA franchise or 2 would also be great dont get me wrong but as a Halo and Gears fan I want more of both

NarutoFox22d ago

"The halo and gears universes are very expansive."

I stop reading right there. Halo and Gears hasn't been *great* since the first 3 when Bungie and Epic was the developers.

Parasidious23d ago

Honestly only thing I'm hoping for is Halo MCC release date for PC.

Platformgamer23d ago

maybe a little hype for some multiplat games, for the rest i'm not expecting to be exited, not at all.

Valkron123d ago

Will we ever see another MechAssault?

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