Kasumi From Persona 5 Royal and Many More Video Game Figures Revealed at Mega Hobby Expo

Japanese figure manufacturers gathered at the USX Akiba Square in Akihabara, Tokyo, to reveal many new creations including Kasumi from Persona 5 Royal.

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TheColbertinator965d ago

Her figurine will sell like hotcakes

Teflon02964d ago

I know it's not the same thing. But I wish the original Cast could get the whole cast out in Figma already. It's such a slow process. But atleast everyone seems to be coming. Though I wish Futaba's Oracle came before her normal though I know her Normal is more popular than Oracle. I just want to own the whole Phantom Theives Figma set. New Girl is definitely growing on me. Use to see her as generic. Kinda love her simple styled character now

TekoIie964d ago

Have they revealed her code name for the Phantom Thieves?