The Astro C40 TR PS4 Controller Might Be the Only Controller You'll Ever Need

COGconnected: Why is the Astro C40 TR is the feather in the cap for PS4? It offers precision customization on audio output, trigger and joystick sensitivity, and unparalleled modular options and on-board custom loadout options for sleek fine-tuned gaming, and that's just the beginning.

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AnubisG22d ago


I'm good with the DS4.

trooper_22d ago

Agree. That's too expensive.

xX-oldboy-Xx21d ago

I wish I could buy the thing, no released in Aus. EBay sellers have put a huge mark up on it too, cheapest I've seen is $287Au up to $420Au.

VTKC22d ago

The one that comes with the consoles is the controller i ever need and i play an awful lot of unhealthy gaming.

BrettAwesome22d ago

I'll ever need? How's that?

Ninjamonkey8222d ago

You would be nuts spending that money when a generation is closing, giving a ds4 probably wont be supported by the ps5.

KwietStorm21d ago

With PlayStation already stating PSVR is compatible, along with the heavy emphasis on cross-gen play and backward compatibility, I wouldn't be surprised if they finally made hardware accessories forward compatible. Even if they didn't, there's plenty of other ways to use your old controllers.

boing120d ago

Backward compatibility in PS5 isn't just for software. You obviously won't get new hardware features of DS5 but DS4 should work just fine.

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