Anthem: It's Now a Month Since the Last Tweet From the Account or Any Update From BioWare

BioWare has remained radio silent regarding Anthem, and it's now a full month since the Anthem Twitter account had any sort of activity, and it's been a month since BioWare posted any update (content or messaging) regarding its game that was released just in February 22, 2019.

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jackdaddy22d ago

If you bought Anthem and don't like it, no sympathy here. EA are a life-suckling Corp. Stop buying their games. So fkn simple, ironically.

toxic-inferno22d ago

Unfortunately, not everybody has such a deep understanding of the industry, or a desire to have such an understanding.

gidocem22d ago

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CorndogBurglar22d ago

Doesn't matter. It's still on them. You wouldn't go buy something without understanding what it is you're paying for, would you?

It's one thing to buy a game that isn't expected to suck, or isn't made by a crappy company and have it turn out to be terrible.

But people that bought this saw the pretty graphics and were sold on it. That's their fault.

toxic-inferno22d ago

I don't see why... I wouldn't spend a long time researching a movie studio before buying a film...

I mean, I get the original point - I am definitely aware of EA and their practices. But I definitely think that people without that knowledge who bought the game after seeing the trailers, and were then disappointed, deserve some sympathy.

Darkborn22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

It's not that simple as not knowing about EA being a bad company, they literally lied and showed off assets that weren't even part of the game at the initial reveal. Most of the devs didn't even know the game would have flying, or how the name was changed to "Anthem" when it was revealed on stage. Consumers were pretty much conned because the initial gameplay reveal was something not in the game and it was designed from the ground up with a small dev team as a concept before the real groundwork had started.

If you don't believe me, watch the initial gameplay reveal, the weapon Jarras Wrath is still not in the game, and apparently is a fake asset. The shaper storm isn't in the game at all and the way points they showed off aren't in the game as well as that cave they showed I believe lol. They just made that to get hype and didn't put any of it in game.

UltraNova22d ago

I cant believe it but it seems Bioware/EA have abandoned Anthem. That or they are preparing for a big update/patch....

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KyRo22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

EA has done quite a considerable amount of damage to gaming but why does EA get all the blame when Activision is on par, if not worse than EA for shadiness and monetization.

Removing free content and selling it, selling weapons in loot boxes, re-selling DLC, re-selling DLC at a higher price than it was originally, removing MTs from launch so it don't get review bombed then adding them back in later, taking out the ablitly to buy DLC separately to force you to buy the season pass, reskinning maps and labeling them as new, telling people they needed to buy the two expansions for Destiny 2 to play the Awakening just to then give them away for free a month later.

SegaGamer22d ago

Yep, Activision are just as bad as EA. I wouldn't care if I never seen another games published by either of these two companies again. Their games are awful and the licenses they own would probably be 100x better in the hands of somebody else.

Count_Bakula22d ago

Take-Two and R* got in on it too. Why should they be exempt from criticism of garbage monetization practices? Because they create good narratives? No. The landscape is different now and even R* has fallen off. Shitty times for underhanded developers.

CorndogBurglar22d ago

I don't think anyone is giving them a free pass. I'm sure you've seen how many people online hated Destiny 1 and 2 for the exact reasons you mentioned.

EA is just a LITTLE worse, that's all.

1-pwnsause-122d ago

you're right Activision is Just as bad, if not worse, the differences between the two is, when EA goes out to do something, they go hard, while activision does their crap low key like what they did with Blops 4.

Cobra95122d ago

You can't diminish the blame of one company by pointing a finger at another's sins. Let EA sit squarely under the hot lamp here.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence22d ago

If you knew anything about this whole Anthem ordeal you would know that Bioware management has been responsible for almost every single mistake and bad decision that lead to this game's demise. But hey, by all means hop on the EA hate-wagon for upvotes instead of blaming the correct people.

Thunder_G0d_Bane22d ago

This is a nonsense statement. Cause I’m betting a lot of you are going to buy Star Wars Fallen Order. EA may be a shitty company but devs like Respawn and Dice aren’t. So supporting these devs is still important.

I’ll be getting fallen order as well as battlefield 6 when it returns to modern warfare, I didn’t get bf5 cause I’m sick of world war theme games.

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Potnoodle99922d ago

Wahey.... EA have done it again! Jesus please tell me that NO ONE is surprised. And BioWare died a decade ago. I wish the company that is currently masquerading as them would also die.

....I’d still love another Jade Empire though😂

Larrysweet22d ago

U really think they could do a jade empire? Noooo like u said there dead

TheColbertinator22d ago

Games as a service? The junkyard of the future sure is piling up quick.

excaliburps22d ago

This is insane though. Three months from launch, and it feels like the game got abandoned. THREE friggin' months! Even indie online games don't get abandoned that fast

TheColbertinator22d ago

EA is deaf. Taking a developer almost entirely recognized for Single player story games and toss them into a Gaas infused unfinished MP beta. Total disaster.

MasterCornholio22d ago

That's what happens when a GaaS game fails.

ShadowWolf71222d ago

I'm never fully sure when you're joking or serious.

Unrelated to the topic, I just wanted to toss that out there.

bluefox75522d ago

Stop giving money to EA, period.

antz110422d ago

I agree but Bioware has a pretty big chunk of blame here as well.

badz14922d ago

Bioware is EA at this point

Artemidorus22d ago

I tried to say it looked bad from Alpha but many here thought different.

Nitrowolf222d ago

I’d say the gameplay was pretty solid, but even still that couldn’t hide the general content and experience the game would offer you, which is rather sad to see something with good gameplay fail everywhere else.

Gotta way though, the devs have pretty much abandoned its fan base, or at least pretty much left them to dry despite saying they would improve on their commication