As removes Activision credit for Destiny 2, Bungie indicates the "new era"

A update has removed the Activision credit for Destiny 2, while Bungie has indicated it will soon be ready to discuss a "new era" for both the game and the developer.

In January 2019, Bungie split from Destiny publisher Activision after eight years of tension between the two companies over the shared world shooter. The deal handed full publishing rights, and this control, of the Destiny franchise to Bungie.

Back when Bungie and Activision were public pals, Destiny 2 launched on, sitting alongside Blizzard games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Now the couple has split, Activision is no longer listed as the publisher of Destiny 2. Instead, Bungie is down as both developer and publisher of Destiny 2, which is listed in the "partner games" section with Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

And it looks like Bungie will soon be ready to discuss the studio and the future of Destiny 2. In the latest weekly update published on, chief community scribe Deej indicated that after the Season of Opulence is launched in early June and its raid has been completed, meaningful news will follow.

"Right now, our focus is on Opulence," Deej wrote. "But after the Season has launched and Raid belts have been awarded, we'll be looking deeper into the future, and sharing with you more about a new era for Bungie and Destiny 2."

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harmny23d ago

Remove it from battlenet

Smitty202023d ago

We shall c how different it will be, I will give bungie one last chance

execution1723d ago

Hopefully it won't go through a reboot half ways through development again like the passed 2 game's

343_Guilty_Spark23d ago

Should have stayed with Microsoft

xX-oldboy-Xx23d ago

If the original arrangement was so good - why would BUNGIE leave?

TheHan22d ago

Lol sometimes what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Why do you think Microsoft didn’t want to take that risk with bungie

Jin_Sakai23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

“Should have stayed with Microsoft”

They wanted freedom to create a new IP in which they did by leaving Microsoft.

Pickledpepper23d ago

And look how that turned out.
They can't hold that hot potato much longer, they gonna get burnt

Thunder_G0d_Bane23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Yep and Destiny is now a bigger ip than Halo. I prefer destiny to halo and I loved halo 1 and 3.

But I’d take Destiny 3 over Halo 6.

No Way22d ago

You're absolutely insane to think that Destiny is a bigger IP than Halo.. Theres been halo on Mt Dew, Halo show and movies. Multiple successful and highly rated Halo games.

Elda23d ago

If that's the case Bungie would still be with MS,they cut ties for a reason.

No Way22d ago

Microsoft allowed them to leave, they didnt have a bad relationship.

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Darkborn23d ago

It's too bad the old era is going to affect sales from destiny 3. After seeing how bad Anthem just went and after buying destiny 2 and being disappointed, I will have to wait at least a few months or maybe longer before I even think about buying destiny 3.

antarius23d ago

D3 isn’t coming till fall 2020 so people have time to get over their Destiny/Activision angst. I’m betting it will be a next gen launch release.

Darkborn23d ago

I think it will be next Gen too, but I don't think many people will get over the previous launches of destiny. Also, with how most gaming as a service launches have been going, I'm pretty sure most people will steer clear and wait.

Sophisticated_Chap23d ago

You should do that with almost every game these days. I don't trust many of the developers or publishers these days for anything.

Sophisticated_Chap23d ago

I'm sure that Epic is trying to get their grubby little hands all over the Destiny series for their store.

victorMaje23d ago

Bungie lost my respect & trust after pulling with D2 the exact same thing as D1.
I’ll wait, check reviews, opinions & impressions before ever thinking about D3.
Hopefully they will have learned from the past...hopefully...

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