Dauntless vs. Monster Hunter: Which Is Better?

It's hard not to see the simialrites between Dauntless and Monster Hunter: World, but which game does it better than the other? Let's compare.

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Monster Hunter is far better and more polished. But still I am having a blast with Dauntless

naruga28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Dauntless is a bad, cheapy made, westernized , almost blasphymous copy of Monster Hunter ...the fact that is given for fee doesnt justifies it ...also they try to "Forthnite- ize" the Monster hunter perfect gameplay and visuals in order to gain fans ...i dont even touch the thing

Movefasta199328d ago

facts lmao it's such a blatant rip off it should be a crime ,like relax.

Edito27d ago

Monster Hunter is amazing but the menus system for me is a mess...

Old McGroin28d ago

Uh, is this a real question?

Shikoku28d ago

Considering everytime I've tried to log into Dauntless on my PS4 the servers have been full, don't know how that happens, I'd have to say Monster hunter I've never had a problem logging into it

harmny28d ago

Well the MHW launch on PC was one of the worst launches I've seen. Almost comparable with diablo 3.

Shikoku28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Well I don't care about PC so what's your point? It launched just fine on my PS4 and never had a problem haven't been able to launch dauntless once in the last 4 days because IM 100000 in line

AspiringProGenji28d ago

Lies. I have been playing since launch on PC with little issues

Movefasta199328d ago

lies lmao speak for yourself

meep31628d ago

Pc is my fav platform to play it on, no other way to hit a locked 60 and even with a 1070 I had to turn some stuff down.

Shikoku28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


No one really cares dude. I don't like 60fps anyway looks like fast-forward.

AspiringProGenji28d ago

The game average around 50 - 55 FPS woth GTX 1080z turn off the volumetric rendering and it will boost yhe FPS. It is an useless feature and the game even looks better without it

Razmiran28d ago

"60 fps looks like fast forward"
That one is going to the book of clown phrases

SinisterKieran28d ago

no problems with monster hunter PC on my end too.

meep31627d ago

@Shikoku the game is unlocked on consoles, so you get 40-60 on the high end systems and something more unstable on the base systems. Don't believe me, then go check out digital foundry videos.

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rdgneoz328d ago (Edited 28d ago )

First several days of trying to log in, I kept getting 3+ hour queues. Was able to play a bit the past two days. Decent game for free to play, but MH is miles ahead. Dauntless has a small area with 1 monster, while MH has larger areas with multiple running around that you can take on right off the bat and you can explore without having needing to do a mission. Dauntless is fun and has a nice MP lobby (which is laggy as hell at times on PS4), but it doesn't have the depth of a MH game.

Shikoku28d ago

Wouldn't know can't get in the game.

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Nacho_Z28d ago

Monster Hunter is described as a triple A behemoth but from my time with it so far it feels like a remastered PS2 game. Ropey graphics and terrible voice acting and animations to go with them. I know a AAA when I see it and that ain't one.

Teflon0228d ago

Well, that's probably because the series hasn't changed all that much since the first game on PS2/PSP etc

meep31628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It’s one of the most impressive games graphically. Most games don’t come anywhere near it’s geometry. I hope most customers aren’t like you, I don’t want flat uninteresting worlds with nice character models.

Wolffenblitz28d ago

So.. you're obviously not playing Monster Hunter World then and probably one of the previous games.

Nacho_Z28d ago

No it is World. Disappointing so far given the hype.


You obviously don't know AAA

Shinkus28d ago

Monster hunter world is incredible, literally don't understand where your criticism of any of these categories comes from. The graphics aren't top tier but they are still above average for the console, and don't try to tell me that the average game this gen looks like remastered ps2. The voice acting I have set to Japanese and have no problem with it, started off with English and even that was fine. As for the animations...??? I don't even get your complaint, there's nothing wrong with them. If you had a more valid reasoning I'd love to know it. I feel like you've never actually played the game.

Daeloki28d ago

Are you playing it on a 20 y/o screen or something? Or maybe you're eyes are just broken

Nacho_Z28d ago

The monsters look good but nothing else does really and the spotty voice acting drags it down. It got off to a bad start when I couldn't invert Y and had to slog through the intro like that. I'll give it another go after I've finished Uncharted 4, now that's what a AAA looks like.

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You can’t be serious with this question.

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