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"Over the years, the original Turbografx-16 Alien Crush title has become quite the cult favourite among classic game fans, so it certainly comes as no surprise when you look at Hudson's decision to give the game a fresh new look and feel in an effort to modernize this classic pinball game for the WiiWare service. Hudson has taken the addictive pinball-style game play of the Naxatsoft-programmed original and created a brand new gaming experience around it, complete with updated visuals and a host of new game play options to form a more modern version of the Turbografx-16 classic. But does this 15-year old pinball simulation still have what it takes to stand out and can Hudson capture lightning in a bottle once again?

While Hudson has managed to inject a host of new play control ideas into their new Alien Crush title, at its core, the game remains quite similar to the original in many ways. The same simple pinball action is still intact, but this time around there are a few new twists that attempt to add a bit more depth to the overall experience. You'll still command the many flippers located around each stage, but this time you'll get to take a more active role in how the pinball reacts during play. There are also a host of new gaming options to add even more variety to the overall experience. Its small touches like these that end up giving the game a more modern appeal and added replay value.

When you begin the game, you're presented with several different game modes to choose from. Story Mode allows you to play through each stage of the game, each of which comes with its own unique segment of the game's plot to carry it along. Your task in each stage is to destroy each of the designated alien targets in order to progress to the next stage. At various points you'll also be forced to take on one of the alien bosses that require you to target it weak point with your pinball. You control the game using both the Wii Remote and the nunchuk attachment. One button on each controller works a corresponding flipper while the other button controls the Action Ball power up. You can then use either the nunchuk stick or Wii Remote D-pad to toggle between the various types of Action balls."

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