Has Pokémon Lost Its Shine?

When Zoe was a kid, Pokémon was a hit TV show, trading card game and GameBoy series. It was everywhere, and Ash, Brock and Misty were the ultimate kid role models in the 90’s. But come on, cute cuddly creatures that you get to battle? Not much else was as fun as that.

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badboyz0923d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Never been a fan Digimon>Yu-Gi-Oh!> Pokemon

OneLove23d ago

Hell nah I like all of those but pokemon tops them all.

TekoIie23d ago

Games or anime? If we're talking the shows you're correct, but if you're talking games then you're out of your mind.

badboyz0922d ago

shows only

P.S F*** all the Dislikes

FinalFantasyFanatic23d ago

The 90's were a good time to be a kid, I liked all those shows, I collected both Pokemon and Digimon cards, had no idea how to play the game though. I really enjoyed Digimon World, and pokemon was amazing, but lost that feeling for me after the second gen.

The_Hooligan22d ago

I personally like Yu-Gi-Oh (original series) the best over the other two.

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AK9123d ago

It’s lost it’s shine when I got older and realised all the games were rehashes of the previous entry and simply added for Pokémon rather than try to make the gameplay and RPG elements more fun and interesting. In short it’s all about quantity not quality.

Lore23d ago

This couldn’t be more accurate. To keep the flaws simple.

Fist4achin22d ago

Yes, agreed 100% with you. Although, there is a sweet spot and as younger gamers start gaming, it is a great entry point and will always sell a ton. Of course there are older loyal fans as well.

King_Noctis23d ago

Let see if these kind of questions appear again after Pokemon Sword&Shield is released.

SharpCT23d ago

It will all come down to the Nintendo Switch Pokémon rpg.

CurbStompin23d ago

This is the last chance at revival. Been stale since 3DS releases tbh.

Ricegum23d ago

Sun and Moon were very disappointing entries I thought.

CurbStompin21d ago

Sun and Moon were terrible. So was X and Y personally.

nommers22d ago

It's been stale far longer than that

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The story is too old to be commented.