Digital Foundry Explores The Performance Of Resident Evil 4, 1 And 0 On Switch

Digital Foundry examines the newly ported Resident Evil games on Switch.

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SkatterBrain690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

this was 2 generations ago, from gamecube , my note 9 runs this at 2k and looks amazing using a Modified version of Dolphin, how come the switch has to run it at a lower resolution

Eidolon690d ago

Because Nintendo doesn't wait for hardware and doesn't do custom arch.

Eidolon690d ago

They have always been a generation or more behind in hardware, but make up for it in games.

Shiken690d ago

Because of how much effort the dev is willing to put into the port.

AK91690d ago

Man as someone who primarily uses my Switch as a console the framerate on RE4 is straight up disappointing (but if your a handheld gamer the framerate is perfect), like John said if the game had a 30fps cap option it would be perfect.
Especially since the PS4 and XB1 versions have that awkward glitch when the framerate suddenly drops to 30 when reloading the rifle.