Project xCloud: More for Gamers and Developers

Last fall, we pulled back the curtain on Project xCloud – our game-streaming technology. Our vision for Xbox is that you can play the games you want, with the people you want, on the devices you want. Project xCloud brings us closer to fully realizing that vision. Our teams around the globe have been hard at work, building out and testing the system. We recently rolled out an alpha version to Microsoft employees through our take home program and are using the feedback to make improvements, ensuring Project xCloud offers customers a great experience.

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slate911585d ago

"Today you can play three generations of amazing games on Xbox One. That means that Project xCloud has the technical capability to stream more than 3,500 games, without any changes or modifications required by a developer. In other words, developers will be able to dramatically scale their existing games across devices, with no additional development, no additional code base maintenance and no separate updates. When a developer updates the Xbox One version of their title, those updates will also apply to all versions available on Project xCloud without any additional work."

Well then.

RainOfTerror1585d ago

not really anything earth-shattering there, that's pretty much the idea of the cloud.

timotim1585d ago

Having over 3.5K games to play, anytime, anywhere, on a vast array of device types is pretty impressive. Services like PSNow does currently provide streaming, but it's only to consoles and PC with only older games available. Shield exists too, but doesn't have a lot of console games available.

Razzer1585d ago

"not really anything earth-shattering there'

Yeah, it isn't. MS has already said that xCloud would be powered by Xbox One console. So when you log into the xCloud app you are actually firing up an actual console a long way away. So why wouldn't you be able to play games that an Xbox One can play?

pinkcrocodile751585d ago

RoT doesn't kow much if thats what he/she/ze/it thinks. Pull herad out from up @rse RoT

RainOfTerror1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

jeez, you guys are going at it good LOL

All I meant to say was that the statement Microsoft issued revealed absolutely nothing we did not know already, no new revelations of any kind.

The concept of being able to play through the cloud has been around for years now, the ability to play any game on any type of device that has a screen and with an inet connection is not new, albeit every other company thus far has failed/shut down.

A game being up to date through the cloud? That's like bring surprised the light turns on when you flip the switch.

The real hoopla was when Microsoft pimped Crackdown 3 as being improved due to cloud computing, and we all know what a disappointment that was. When they deliver on that promise, then I'll give them credit..

Razzer1585d ago


These are sensitive types, unfortunately. You said nothing that wasn't the truth.

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Aenea1585d ago


"Having over 3.5K games to play, anytime, anywhere, on a vast array of device types is pretty impressive."

Indeed it is! Now show which devices I can use NOW to play those 3500 games on!

"Services like PSNow does currently provide streaming, but it's only to consoles and PC with only older games available."

But I can play those games NOW on console and PC, xCloud is not available yet...

"Shield exists too, but doesn't have a lot of console games available."

None actually since it is a streaming game PC, supports Steam, BattleNET, etc. And supports a heck of a lot more games than 3500 ;)

Vasto1585d ago

Super hyped to see this at E3!

Marioraider181585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I do cloud gaming on PC and it kinda sucks. Input lag, really bad blacks, fog, and particles and not native display. I have 300 mbps internet just fyi.

shiva11584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

You from north pole?

Marioraider181584d ago

Nope I live by NYC. The server that Im connected to is in NYC. And my latency is low.

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AngainorG7X1585d ago

Ok i want to ask a silly question because i'm not really familiar with this Xcloud/streaming stuff.

From what i've read (and please correct me if im wrong), if you are using Azure cloud for example, you will be able to play your games on a phone, on a tablet etc. In other words you just need a "device" and a subscription to Azure Cloud to get this thing rolling. Same goes for Sony, they will be using Azure (most likely) and we will be able to play all these beautiful games like God Of War and Uncharted 4 on a tablet or a phone etc. Now my question is since you need a "device" in order to be able to stream these games, will there be any limitations on the devices that you will be able to use in order to stream. I mean for example Xbox One X is considered as a "device". Will i be able to stream via this specific device (Xbox) games that are Exclusives to Playstation using my Xbox Controller and my TV? And vice versa (using Playstation 5 and Dualshock 5 to stream... Fable 4?)

Can someone please enlight me how this works?

Thank you in advance

SirBruce1585d ago

If there is an xCloud app for your PlayStation 5, you will be able to play those 3.500 Xbox Games on your PlayStation 5. If the app is available on PS4, the same. If the app for xCloud is launched on Mac OS, too. Maybe, that app is named Mixer. Like the Stadia app is called Youtube.

Razzer1585d ago

I would assume it would work exactly how PS Now works. If the device has the streaming app then it will be able to stream/play the games.

"will there be any limitations on the devices that you will be able to use in order to stream"

Yes. You will only be able to stream to devices for which the platform has created an official app.

crazyCoconuts1585d ago

Some people don't like to hear the comparison to PSNow, but yes it's the same idea + extra spin.

Parasyte1584d ago

Also, if the hardware of said device can support it along with having a strong enough internet/WiFi connection.

rainslacker1585d ago

The device will have to have an app, unless they allow streaming through a web browser, in which case some devices may work with that. The limitations will depend on the device itself. For instance, if your mobile device only supports 720p, then it won't stream 1080.

SirBruce1584d ago

Stadia is that, you only need a platform with access to Youtube and compatible with a Stadia controller (or, as commented, a Windows or Android compatible controller). It can be an old smarphone or the best of PCs, as well as any SmartTV that can play Youtube videos on streaming.

rainslacker1584d ago

Not really sure why I got disagrees for a rather innocuous comment, but whatever.


So I've heard. I was talking about xCloud, and didn't notice the OP asked about streaming in general. xCloud apparently has some onscreen controllers for their app. It was demonstrated with Forza. There's a lot of buttons to account for though, so I'm curious how well it really works. Even large screens have fingers take up a lot of the graphics real estate.

meep3161585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The only reason this makes any sense is because it gives publishers 100% control over their games, no piracy, no lending, no used games, and cheating would be super hard. There is no other reason to run games sever side, especially going forward.

Atom6661585d ago

No other reason?

Removing hardware from the consumer equation almost completely removes barriers for entry in the market.

Can't afford a $300 console to play the new game? No problem.

meep3161585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

If you can’t afford $300 you aren’t going to be able to afford to stream games. Plus you have to remember, an iPhone can already play fortnite at 60 FPS... in a few years what device won’t be powerful enough to game on? Stop drinking the kool aid, this doesn’t make sense.

TacoTaco1585d ago

If you can't afford a $300 console you can't afford a $10-$15/month subscription?

Are you joking? Lol I guess everyone who subscribes to Netflix may as well buy a Switch since it's so comparable.

meep3161585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

@TacoTaco its not just the subscription, you need the bandwidth. You're telling me someone who cant afford $300 has the required internet connection and can afford $10-$15 a month? That wont even include every game Im sure, youre going to have to pay for most big AAA games one way or another on top of everything else.

meep3161585d ago

Am I being astro turfed here? or is this just the effects of heavy amounts of pr? Almost nobody was on board with streaming mere weeks ago.

Atom6661585d ago

I wish you were being astro turfed, I could use the money.

You made a statement that there was no other reason for it. I disagree with you. It makes business sense to eliminate the barrier for entry to get straight to selling content to consumers no matter their hardware.

If mobile capabilities will be so great, why even bother buying a PS5, or a new graphics card? Just wait on your iPhone games. But I think you have a long way to go before that becomes viable.

I don't like many aspects of it, but if I could play a high end AAA game without buying a powerful PC or that particular console, cool, I'll try it out. Maybe I only buy one of the consoles next gen.

If I'm traveling and want to play something that I would need a console or rig to play, streaming would be a decent option.

Broadband is becoming a basic utility for many people. I'm not persuaded by this idea that having broadband = having the means or desire to spend $ on hardware - especially when it becomes more viable to no longer need the hardware.

meep3161585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I don’t think you can see the forest for the tress when mobile is already much bigger than the consoles.
“If mobile capabilities will be so great, why even bother buying a PS5, or a new graphics card? Just wait on your iPhone games. But I think you have a long way to go before that becomes viable.”
And we have a long way to go before streaming is viable for most people (it’s god awful now), and by the time it is viable mobile will already be “viable” (it already is for millions, besting console revenue easily). So what is your point? Fortnite is 60 FPS today, it’s not as far off as you seem to think. Apple is also putting their software on all major brands of tvs now and google has dabbled a bit too. Your phone will become the hub and connect to anything, no point in running games server side except for control. Vulcan API is also huge for easy cross platform development.