Resident Evil 4, Remake and Zero on Nintendo Switch are competent ports of brilliant games

From Digital Foundry: "There's been some degree of controversy surrounding the Switch ports of Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4 - principally in terms of their price-points compared to other platforms and the lack of extra features designed to make the most of the Switch hardware. There's no denying that these are all valid criticisms, but personally, I have few problems recommending two of the three releases, with the third just a patch away from greatness. The fact is that these are still classic survival horror games that are still great to play today and on top of that, being able to revisit these titles in a portable form factor is an advantage that can't be overlooked."

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masterfox968d ago

yay more ports!, the Switch is killing it! :D

Neonridr968d ago

well.. it's not like Capcom hasn't put these games out on every other system. You can't fault Nintendo for a decision Capcom made. Besides every system has like 2-3 versions of Resident Evil 4 now.. I can't wait for the RE4 ports for the PS5 and XB2.

TheRealTedCruz968d ago

*checks system and game sales*

Yes. Yes they are, actually.

Sgt_Slaughter968d ago

I mean, yes the Switch is killing it in every possible way so thanks for the compliment!

Also this game was a Gamecube exclusive at first anyway, so it fits on Nintendo hardware more than anything.

FallenAngel1984968d ago

Can’t get over how these ports are still more expensive than versions on other consoles

2BlackBelt968d ago

RE4 actually has more ports than Skyrim.

Sgt_Slaughter968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

How is RE4 a "competent port" when it's missing a feature even the Wii version had (motion controls) and it's missing English subtitles? Two pretty big things there, especially for the hearing impaired. Not to mention the price of $30 for something from 2005, plus that it doesn't run at full 1080p despite the hardware being more than capable.

Myst-Vearn968d ago

when it's not "This game is BEST on the Switch" it's a "This game is COMPETENT on the Switch"

Nintendo Switch is great but the never ending articles about the ports/remasters are annoying as hell and unnecessary.

King_Noctis968d ago

This is from Digital Foundry you know, so they are not saying it just for the sake of saying it like other sites.

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