Video Games Should Be Weirder

Kotaku: I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s surprise announcement of Playdate, the new handheld games experiment from Firewatch publisher Panic. More than anything, it’s weird: A small, single-purpose handheld with a set 12-week program of mystery games is the sort of thing that demands your attention. And yes, it has a crank. It’s a slickly marketed way to watch what happens when clever people spitball for a few years and don’t think too much about trying to sell their jam sessions, and it begs the question: Why aren’t games weirder? And who gets the luxury of being weird in the video game industry?

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isarai883d ago

I whole heartedly agree, BUT that handheld is too steep for me to jump onboard. Will say it has my attention if only due to the devs backing it. If it were $100 id bite, but $150 and a b&w screen?

But yes we desperately need more weird games, more Katamaris, LCD Dream simulators, Streatch Panics, Killer 7s and no more heroes (i could go on for days on all the weird games i love) of the game world.

Knushwood Butt882d ago

Someone from kotaku has been thinking.

This should be a 'news' type.

AK91880d ago

Kotaku your just the right amount of weird enough for us (please never change).