The brilliant weirdness of Morrowind's in-game books

From Eurogamer: "If there's one example of video game flavour text that adds much more than flavour, it's the in-game books of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. I remember the first time I entered one of the libraries of Vvardenfell (17 years ago!) and was overwhelmed by the ancient tomes; not just the sheer amount of information, but more importantly their evocative strangeness. One work stood out to me even then: The 36 Lessons of Vivec, composed by the hermaphrodite warrior-poet Vivec (aka Vehk), one of Morrowind's living gods. They seemed like complete gibberish to me back then, and it didn't help that the Lessons, contained in 36 volumes and dispersed across Vvardenfell, are often encountered out of their proper order."

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Climhazzzard1357d ago

Really interesting read. I absolutely loved reading all the book in Morrowind, there's never been a game that quite matches the weirdness of Morrowind.

franwex1357d ago

I was really blown away from Morrowinds books. I recall entering homes and checking their libraries to see if there were any good books for me to steal or that I hadn’t read yet. I also did that with Oblivion and Skyrim but I was already expecting to do that.

Though I never really looked too hard into the books like this though. There are plenty of religious references in a lot of the books mostly because it’s meant to resemble religious books in real life, so I appreciate the actual research!