First nude mod released for Yakuza Kiwami 2, allowing Naked Platinum Hostesses in the Cabaret Club

DSOGaming writes: "Well, it was bound to happen. Yesterday, we informed you about a 3D model swapper for Yakuza Kiwami 2. Created by modder ‘Moonspell’, that mod replaced the Kiwami2 main protagonist Kazuma Kiryu with Takayuki Yagami from Yakuza Judgment. And today, the same modder released the first nude mod for this Yakuza game."

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franwex693d ago

Hahaha. A nude mod that actually fits the setting!

ShadowWolf712693d ago

It really doesn't but... -shrug-

ShadowWolf712693d ago

So do all y'all downvoting mistakenly believe a Cabaret club is a whorehouse or something?

plmkoh693d ago

All the 'platinum' hostesses except for the fictional ones are Adult video stars IRL.

ShadowWolf712692d ago

He said "setting", not characters.

Prince-Ali692d ago

90% of people here on N4G are stupid... it's as simple as that bro dont even take it serious...

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693d ago
otakuapologist692d ago

When sexual promiscuity becomes the norm, you're in the last stages of your civilization.

Yi-Long692d ago

How about sexual liberty? How about not feeling/being ashamed of the human body, and the natural act of sex, and the very normal and human desires of feeling attracted to it ...?

You're living in a society where people are dying because they're being denied affordable healthcare. You live in a society where any nut can walk into a shop and buy weapons of mass destruction and can take out multiple people, perhaps even dozens, and it will be shrugged off with 'thoughts and prayers'. You live in a society that's currently looking for another weak excuse to plunge the nation into another illegal war with a bunch of mostly innocent people on the other side of the world, mostly for corporate profits grabbing more power in a region that isn't yours to take.

But yeah, sure, you see a couple of digital nipples, and feel THAT'S the sign of the end of civilization...(!)

ShadowWolf712692d ago (Edited 692d ago )

You got a very stupid idea of what WMDs are. lol

FYI, no one can just "walk into a shop" and buy what you allege. Literally not possible. Background checks are already a thing.

It's almost as if people who want to kill other people will find ways around that.

Varodor692d ago

The human body cannot be unpleasant.
On the other hand reconciliation with violence in the gaming industry means the decline of civilization. If we don’t fight now, then the opportunity to fix something will disappear.

CDbiggen692d ago

Where's my music mod for that particular cutscene?

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