Act fast, GRID 2 is currently free on Steam for a limited time

GRID 2 is a fantastic racing title, with the first game in the series winning a BAFTA award back in 2009, and now, GRID 2 is free on Steam.

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MadLad1346d ago

The original is better; but grab it nonetheless.

Marcello1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Last chance to get it, from next week it will be gone from steam store for good.

Gwiz1346d ago

Nice,why is it leaving Steam?

Sgt_Slaughter1346d ago

@Gwiz I'd have to assume this is due to licensing issues, since there's so many cars.

darthv721345d ago

I have both on 360, really good racers. So yeah... get it on steam while you can.

Razzer1346d ago

Stuff like this is why I love PC gaming.

FinalFantasyFanatic1346d ago

Great game, but I can only play if for 5 minutes before it crashes and I have to boot the game again. It's a widely known issue on Windows 10 with no fix and no expected update for it either.