Valve: Positive "Review Bombs"

Valve writes: "In our recent post on User Reviews Revisited we covered our process for identifying off-topic review bombs on games, and how you can decide for yourself whether or not you'd like to see them included in Review Scores throughout the store. Back in 2017, we defined a review bomb as an event where players post a large number of reviews in a very compressed time frame, aimed at lowering the Review Score of a game. At the time, we wondered if there'd be "positive review bombs", but there were no examples of one. We decided to wait and see."

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killswitch80440d ago

This is why I am going to fully support Epic Store whenever I can from now on. At least Epic Store people are not so negative and toxic

chrono1205440d ago

Don't know what's going on,do you. So negative and toxic.

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JackBNimble440d ago

So you would support anti consumer tactics from Epic?
I wouldn't so much as give them a click

meep316440d ago

What anti consumer tactics are they using exactly? Are you that mad you have to install another competing client?

Wolffenblitz440d ago

@meep316 ... Seriously? Are people STILL spouting that same line after all that's been going on? Fucking read it up.

Unless you're a console player without a PC then you can't say anything.

jeki439d ago

What anti-consumer tactics?

Do you think Valve's exclusives on Steam are anti-consumer?

SegaGamer440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

"At least Epic Store people are not so negative and toxic"

Well, we wouldn't know, because Epic doesn't allow it's consumers to have a voice. No forums, no reviews, it's the perfect place for publishers to get away with releasing poor quality games without receiving any criticism.

Also, what was so negative and toxic about this piece of news by Steam?

meep316440d ago

I’m sure they will, but it’s not that big a deal really. It’s not like you can’t just hop on reddit if you need other opinions.

Wolffenblitz440d ago


You're not contributing at all to any of this. Your attitude is all "But why" and yet it seems you still haven't used your brain and looked up the information yourself.

Elwenil440d ago


That is all it has to say because it is nothing but a paid shill account, newly created just for this particular controversy, and will only spout off pro-EGS nonsense that only makes sense to marketing executives, politicians and people who dwell in Sweeney's underwear.

spektical439d ago

you just want a marketplace where you willingly want to be swindled and pimped.

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Zeref440d ago

Didn't read the article either but isnt it being POSITIVE review bombed because of the Notre Dame almost being destroyed and AC Unity is like the only game where it had been so faithfully recreated that they are using it to rebuild the Notre Dame?

porkChop440d ago

They're not actually using it to rebuild Notre Dame. Ubisoft confirmed they're not involved at all, though they would love to help if asked. But their recreation is supposed to be very good.

UltimateOwnage440d ago

You should really read article before jumping to that conclusion in Epic’s defense. Especially when they don’t deserve any extra support in this regard since users don’t really have a “Community” in their store at all.

Synopsis for those who haven’t read the article (and I hope you do): Valve is staying out of it because a massive uptick in reviews (mostly positive) since Ubi made AC: Unity free in response to the Notre Dame fire, also in part because the game features one of the most detailed 3D recreations of the building and its interior.

They couldn’t determine it was a “classic” case of a Review Bomb and decided to let the Valve Community determine how best to label this type of event from now on since up to this point Review Bomb was a term coined by the community only with negative implications.

Lionsguard440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

You're hilariously naive if you think one sect of gamers on another store is all of a sudden different. You know why they're not so "negative and toxic"? Because they don't have a platform to voice it.Guess who the "Epic Store people" consists of, Fortnite kids. Yea, definitely no negativity and toxicity here.

Also, you apparently did not even read the article considering this is about Unity's POSITIVE review bombing. And they're not going to do anything about it because there's an uptick of players and changing it won't do much of anything. I think I'll stick to supporting Steam at least we're not a bunch of morons.

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rob-GP439d ago

Although I agree with the people who did the positive votes due to Ubisoft's payment to help after the disaster, I don't agree with Valve doing this. They seem to need better management, people who can actually make a decision and stick with it. It's clear the positive reviews were a 'bomb' so they too should have been removed. Otherwise, it's sending out a message that anything negative will be removed but positive for the site, valve and the publishers are fine, even if it's been done with the same process as the negative reviews.

GOODKylePS439d ago

Hey look who it is! Speaking of negative, remember when you accused a guy of not finishing Rage 2's story before putting out a review and then proof was provided and in response you blocked all related parties? Good times.

rob-GP439d ago

Old news... I blocked you lot because you’re all very aggressive and the other guy blocked me first. Also, fair enough about RAGE, it obv hadn’t synced when I looked, but what about observation? You played less than an hour of a 5 hour narrative game, then decided to review it.

Not gonna argue with you, because you’re not worth my time, just don’t think the publisher would be happy if they knew people were judging their game without playing it all first.

GOODKylePS439d ago

Keep making excuses and lying. It's hilarious watching you dig your hole.