Top 10 Atari ST Exclusives

Over the years though, many people have come to regard the Atari ST as a poor man’s Amiga and ignore its many advantages. In this list we show you ten of the Atari ST’s very best exclusives. Not just games that didn’t come out for its arch nemesis, but never came out for any other systems full stop!

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gangsta_red418d ago

Man, Atari just couldn't catch a break after the 7800

The_Laird418d ago

The ST sold extremely well, was the best selling computer in Europe for several years running.

gangsta_red418d ago

Oh yeah? I just remember it here in the states doing nothing. Everyone I knew definitely went with the Amiga.

Bismarn418d ago

An article on N4G that isn't trying to explain away Days Gone's poor review scores? Hell yeah I'll click it!