How Nintendo kept the GameCube controller in constant circulation

The Nintendo GCN may be long gone, but the GameCube controller continues to live on with gamers. Why has it maintained its beloved status for so long?

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PhoenixUp28d ago

“Quick question for all of you: What was your favorite Nintendo controller? For many Nintendo fans, the answer that springs to mind is the Nintendo 64 controller.“

That’s a good joke. Who puts the N64 on top?

As for the GameCube controller it worked but I’d hardly call it perfect.

- The D-pad sucks and feels like an afterthought
- The different sized face buttons made playing Virtual Console games a bitch to play on
- Not a fan of different sized analog sticks
- It having less buttons than its contemporary rival controllers meant third party devs had to compensate.

I’m still amazed how many gens this controller has been reused in though.

lellkay28d ago

@PhoenixUp The triggers are springy and horrible as well. I hate the hexagonal casings round the thumbsticks to. Genuinely think the GC controller is the most overrated controller ever.

iplay1up228d ago

Wave bird! It was the first wireless controller!

DazaMc28d ago

I loved and still love the N64 controller, just played wave race 64 the other day. Still feels amazing.

franwex28d ago

I hated the n64 controller. The control stick becomes flaccid with use too.

GameCube’s was good.

Now the SNES controller is a classic!