Nintendo Is Missing The Point By Going After Switch Emulation

By going after emulation software, Nintendo only hinders the preservation of its own legacy.

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Snookies12146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Lol, Nintendo doesn't care about it's legacy... They've done more than enough to taint that themselves. Everyone complains about Microsoft, but Nintendo is far worse in a lot of aspects.

Number1TailzFan146d ago

There will also be emulators for their next system even if it has VR or something.

GotGame818145d ago

If you don't buy games that are on Switch before emulating them, its theft. Just saying. It is no different than going to a store and stealing. Older games are a different story. I am specifically talking current gen.

BTW, I get wanting to play Zelda and other Nintendo games on PC. I have and it is a better experience. I only played games I own for my Switch.

PixelOmen145d ago

I think it's well understood that piracy and emulation are completely different things by now. At this point it's pretty clear that you're never going to convince a pirate to buy a game in the same way you're not going to convince some console warrior that emulation is legit.

Profchaos145d ago

As someone who owns many retro systems I'd agree emulation does offer a great method to play old games rpcs3 let's people pay something like skate at 120 fps 4k on mediocre hardware vs native 720 30 fps on legit hardware.

I love playing a game how it was intended but I also love playing the same game enhanced

Profchaos145d ago

Agree there was a recent post about totk emulation so many people performing mental gymnastics to form excuses as to why people feel they are entitled to the game for free.

One guy blamed the switch for being under powered which is why he shouldn't pay it's just sad to see so many so called fans basically stealing

ufo8mycat144d ago

"It is no different than going to a store and stealing"

There is one MASSIVE difference. You are 99.9% likely to get caught when stealing from a store, unlike online

HeliosHex145d ago

The game preservation card no longer holds up in court. Error try again.

Pyrofire95145d ago

They miss all the points that are important to the community or online functions.

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Behind The Dangerous Stunts Of Nintendo’s Iconic Mario Commercials

Two married costume designers share stories from a decade of traveling the globe with Nintendo.

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55d ago

Bowser Is Canonically 34 Years Old

In a YouTube video showing Nintendo Switch owners how to create a Nintendo Account, Nintendo of America revealed that Bowser is canonically 34 years old.

jznrpg117d ago

I saw Bowser when I was a kid and now I’m older than him , sigh.

Brazz116d ago

Wow, i'm as old as Bowser!!

Stanjara116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

He looks 55 to me.

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Nintendo Is A Bad Company, But We Can't Help Loving Them Anyway

TG: “Most of us also grew up with Nintendo, likely forming a nostalgic connection with games that have long been crowned as our personal favourites. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was an experience that shaped my view on open world fantasy, and Super Mario 64 changed my life like it did for millions of others. These titles have earned their place in history, and remain loved to this day for so many worthwhile reasons. We replay them and beg for remasters all while delving into their worlds time and time again because they mean that much to us. It’s a shame then that the company behind them often kicks its own sweet darlings to the curb.”

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Magog126d ago

I never got the love for Nintendo games personally. The annoying vocalizations and ugly character designs do nothing for me.

Kosic124d ago

Don't forget the constant hand holding with tutorials. Learn this new ability by pressing Y, now prove that you can press Y 8 times before you can move on....

Tapani125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Another very weird article.

Nintendo is a great company by almost all possible normal measures. The biggest one being: their own staff is happy, and they seem to be very happy, well compensated and retain rate is solid. They are also financially very stable, profitable, and cash rich, so shareholders love them.

Overall it is an extremely creative group of people, and their mission statement is fantastic as well "to put smiles on the faces of everyone we touch. We do so by creating new surprises for people across the world to enjoy together." The social impact is also massive, not to speak culturally. Additionally, they have a really strong core business, high customer retention rate and loyalty. Nintendo's reputation is extremely good, I think in the US alone they are 9th most reputable company, their customer service is better than the average company. Plus, the press gives them a pass, because they are Nintendo. But there's a reason why they do that, it's not "because they are Nintendo", there are more layers to the argument.

Then, then there's the random negative gamers online...and their "reputation" which is inside their heads. And their western ideas of how a Japanese company should behave or what they should do. But they have no right to ask a company to do anything for them, because they can vote with their wallets.

There's a small vocal community online who dislikes Nintendo for what they are, but then again, there's always a small vocal community that dislikes something.

Nintendo also disagrees with the Western world about IP, but most people call Westerners "hidoi!" when they emulate Tears of the Kingdom and do not experience it the way Nintendo wanted them (even if it is not the best visual way), because it is a matter of principle to them (Japanese are very much against anything close to plagiarism, and there are laws that are tight about creative works copying etc.)

The Western Braveheart "freedoom!" shouters need to understand that it is not an American company, nor they need to behave like one. They can have their own fights based on their principles (against emulation). And they very well may lose the battle with that and change, or find a new audience.

In the end, it is so very simple. Don't buy the products if you don't like a company, but there's no need to paint a picture that is unrealistic about Nintendo either.

MadLad125d ago

I hate virtually everything about their business practices, actually. Suing everybody for virtually anything, shooting down fan projects, games they never let devalue, their online infrastructure and how they handle BC.

They're lucky they make great games, because that's the only thing I feel they do right.

gold_drake124d ago

my issue with them, is the complete refusal to have decent tech for us.

and their odd censorship and lawsuits for modders.