PlayStation CEO: Backward Compatibility Is “Extremely Powerful” for PS5; Sony Is“Publisher Friendly”

During a Q&A session following Jim Ryan's presentation at Sony's IR Day 2019, the executive alongside John Kodera and Kazuhiko Takeda talked about the potential partnership with Microsoft, backward compatibility, and more.

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TheGamez100496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Really hope for many enhancements especially higher framerates with many ps4 games....imagine spiderman, gow, and horizen @ a very stable 60fps or true God.......Also that "Extremely Powerful" really makes me hope for ps3 bc/emulation.

UltraNova495d ago

BloodBorne with super smooth 60fps and nearly no loading screens? Yes please!

bouzebbal495d ago

I really hope I can boot my ps1 ps2 discs on PS5

THC CELL495d ago

Ps vita had amazing load times
I wish they supported it more but hey ho ps 5 chat wait for that
And psvr 2 can't put into word oh ohhhh

naruga495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

ok people s a broad memorandrum ...not a fing Deal as media wanted to present ...memorandrum is far far far away from deal signaturs and no contracts there .... also as Bouzebal said ...PS1,2,3 compatibility is aa must

himdeel495d ago

Bloodborne at 60 fps smooth textures mean I will be playing many ng+.

darthv72495d ago

@bouz, unless they have changed the laser diode in the UHD drive of the PS5 then don't expect it to be able to read CD media (like the BD drive of the PS4). No CD support means no PS1 or PS2 games (the purple CD ones).

metabolicfrolic495d ago

I can't express my excitement for this possibility enough!

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Rimeskeem495d ago

Something tells me they will enhance the current boost mood available in the Pro to achieve results like that.

UltraNova495d ago

Why didn't they do it so far? I mean next gen is nearly here, what are they waiting for?

kasu495d ago

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gamer7804495d ago

ps3 is a must, there were some really good games on ps3 that could be BC or even enhanced that would be awesome.

NarutoFox495d ago

All these downvotes is from Xbox fanboys

Mozillayaseen493d ago

People keep saying that Ps3 Bc is hard and I get that but can't they just put the Ps3 chip inside the Ps5 like they did with the Ps3 for the Ps2 Bc to make Ps3 BC possible..The price of the Cell shouldn't be that expensive now.

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FallenAngel1984496d ago

If you can’t do PS3 backwards at least do PS1 & PS2 backwards compatibility

Still hoping you can get PS3 functionality in there though.

luckytrouble495d ago

PS3 would still be a monumental task. The unique architecture was powerful, and compensating for that is something that is still heavily WIP on the PC emulator side of things. No reason they can't do software based emulation for PS1 and PS2 though with the ability to read discs from the drive.

TheUndertaker85495d ago

Unless they add in a drive like they did with PS4 that doesn’t include a CD diode.

PSOne and some PS2 games were pressed on CDs. No CD capability again will result in no physical PSOne or PS2 backwards compatibility.

gamer7804495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

ps3 emulation is possible, they did it for 360 on xbox one original and games looked just as good and sometimes had better loading times on a basic xbox one. Sony has a big opportunity here with ps3 games. Would love to trade in old consoles and just get a ps5.

Rhythmattic495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Dude... do some research...
Even Sony have proprietary designed server racks using cell architecture running PS3 games for PSnow...
PPC is IBM's architecture, the same CPU mac G5 used..... Even Apple had rosseta YERAS before ms allowing PPC code to run seemingly natively within OSx 10.6 on Intel cpu's...
But the PS3, the sum of its parts , one off them being a PPC cpu, but I suggest you read about the SPU's (The CELL Architecture) before stating , "Well MS did it, Why cant Sony"
Its just not the same.
Dont take this as a stab, but in this modern world of instant information, its not to hard to find the reasons...

495d ago
rainslacker495d ago

I think a lot of the SPE stuff could be done through GPU compute nowadays. It's very similar in how CELL processing works already. The biggest factor for this past gen was the clock speed, as it just couldn't process a single function as fast. If the rumored clock speed is the 3.2GHZ that was put out, that's a pretty significant number, as it's the same clock speed as the PS3, and would enable emualation of the SPE compute units.

I doubt we'll see true BC without emulation, although I wouldn't mind that either, but the costs would likely be prohibitive. I'd still pay more for a full BC SKU, but it would need to be an option, or they may price themselves out of the market.

Rhythmattic494d ago

Yes... Ive seen the PS4 emu available .. its still clunky, only a hand full of games run, glitchy, ect..
Also , you need a pretty beastly PC....
Just saying a console emulating the Cell is not really viable , possible maybe? but what would be the cost to do such a thing?
And the point of my post was really to differentiate why MS could do BC, and Sony couldn't. Especially the PS4... As for the PS5? who knows.... But I doubt it will have the grunt to do it.

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darthv72495d ago

I dont know if the UHD drive will have a CD diode so it may end up like the PS4. No CD media support = no PS1 or early PS2 games supported either.

franwex495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Even if it doesn’t read from the disc, it can download a file like on Xbone and read from the hdd instead. The disc can be used for verification.

The only thing is that it would be a lot of work to upload all those thousands of games, but gamers could buy them too.

Anyway, I’m actually hoping that we can play PSP games XD

TheUndertaker85495d ago

How do you propose they use the disc for verification if the machine can’t read the disc? 🤨

The Xbox One is capable of CD playback and has that diode.

franwex495d ago

I meant to say play from it directly. I simply meant it how it’s done on currently.

rainslacker495d ago

@TheUndertaker, there is actually a code on every optical disc which can be read by any optical medium nowadays, which would tell what type of media it is, and there is a serial number on it which would define the software itself. So, in theory, it could work.

However, such a thing is also easy to fake, so it could lead to a lot of piracy, which means it would never happen.

gangsta_red496d ago

"Sony expects backward compatibility to be a “really critical success factor” for its next-gen consoles and thinks it’s “incredibly important.” -Ryan

"Sony's Jim Ryan On BC: "One Of Those Features That Is Much Requested, But Not Actually Used Much""

Good to see that BC is important and not just a cool feature to have.

dcbronco495d ago

Funny that it suddenly matters at all to playstation fans.

KwietStorm495d ago

How many times are you guys gonna keep beating the dead horse? For the last time, and pay attention, nobody said backward compatibility was useless. However, it was being promoted and heralded by Microsoft and the media as the most amazing thing to ever hit gaming consoles.

So, all that was said was it isn't a make or break feature, certainly not as big a deal as it was being made out to be, especially not on a platform like PS4 with such a wide assortment of *new* games. Backward compatibility is cool. PS3 and PS2 had it years ago. It's just not a mind blowing thing that validates my purchase.

ShinRon495d ago

fanboyism can be as blinding as politics or religion.

all your dislikes are likely from hypocrits who dont like getting called out.

AspiringProGenji495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Like how exclusives didn’t matter to Xbox fanboys but now they do after MS finally caved in?

bluefox755495d ago

It doesn't really, it's a cool feature, not at the top of any gamers priority. During this gen, Sony priotized great games, MS prioritized BC as if a neat feature were somehow a replacement for great games.

outsider1624495d ago

Eh? I don't think anyone would say BC's a useless feature anyway. However the other camp would make it sound as the greatest thing ever over new exclusives/ IPs. It's good and all having bc to play your old games. But if i had a choice to choose new gen games over BC, i would choose new games. Thankfully having both is awesome with more priority on making new games.

dcbronco495d ago

Sony doesn't seem to take it lightly. They've deemed it extremely important. So you can't even agree with the company you're supposedly supporting.

KickSpinFilter495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Ya just like SP exclusives suddenly matter to all XB1 fans and upper management.

Here is the difference:
BC four years into a console cycle is a cool feature to have (it's cute).
At the launch of a new console gen, you bet BC matters a lot. (it's mandatory especially with digital download games becoming the norm)

S2Killinit495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

BC nice but not if its meant to replace new games. When a new generation starts, its important to keep up with tech that makes life easier, but if PS5 was to pull a xbox and do away with new games but have BC, im pretty sure most people would agree that we rather have a new console that has new games. Simple, if your not a simplton. Then again some people like to play stupid.

ShadowWolf712495d ago

I know you're smart enough to grasp the difference of trotting it out as a gamechanger halfway into a gen vs using it at the start of a gen to ease the transition for people.

rainslacker495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Come on're better than that.

Anyhow, I don't think Sony was wrong to say it wasn't that important before. I also think the current statement means they're going to make it more important going forward...likely by promoting how a single release can work on either a PS4, or PS5. But, with PS5 only software as well.

dcbronco494d ago

I think Sony has not always been honest with their fans when they don't include things like BC. Or when they claimed EA Access was a good deal.

I have always said Microsoft was stupid for trying to appeal to sony fanboys. Their "opinions " were never based on fact or logic so they weren't worth listening to.

I would never have dropped always on to appease short sighted people who most likely had a Steam account. Instead I would have spent money on getting people with the creativity to exploit the feature. Microsoft's biggest problem has always been a lack of imagination to allow them to exploit what they create. A real shame considering they spend 10-12 billion a year on R&D. I can't imagine how much they must have tossed aside because they lacked the people needed to utilize it.

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Jin_Sakai495d ago

When you have multiple highly praised games that’s sold over 10 million each it becomes important that they can be played going forward on PS5.

TekoIie495d ago

So you acknowledge that BC for the Xbox One was good? The 360 had many games that fit your criteria so I guess BC was important ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Razzer495d ago (Edited 495d ago )


" so I guess BC was important "

BC is more important at the start of the gen when games for a new console are sparse. In the middle, not as much. And BC was not important enough for X1 to push it ahead of PS4 so there were obviously other aspects that were.

TekoIie495d ago (Edited 495d ago )


"And BC was not important enough for X1 to push it ahead of PS4 so there were obviously other aspects that were."

I never said it was. Jin is the one who said it was an important feature so you'd be better off directing your disagreement to him and presented logic that also applies to the X1.

Razzer495d ago

You brought up the importance of BC to X1 and that is was I was addressing.

TekoIie495d ago

"You brought up the importance of BC to X1 and that is was I was addressing."

No I questioned Jin's logic to verify if it applies to other systems and not just the PS5. Otherwise he would be perpetuating a double standard.

Jin_Sakai495d ago

“No I questioned Jin's logic to verify if it applies to other systems and not just the PS5.“

I never said it wasn’t important. Xbox was pumping out mediocre exclusives while praising backwards compatibility left and right then it becomes a problem. Sony doesn’t have that problem.

TekoIie495d ago (Edited 495d ago )


"Xbox was pumping out mediocre exclusives while praising backwards compatibility left and right then it becomes a problem. Sony doesn’t have that problem."

2015 was the year BC launched on Xbox and it was also the only time BC was talked about by MS like you're saying. I wouldn't call Halo 5, Forza 6 and Ori mediocre at all and those all released the same year as BC. Sounds to me as though you like it when it's for your favorite system and dislike it if it's for a competitor of that system.

Full BC is a good feature and is something that in my view should be mandatory and this generation of systems all failed to implement it effectively. I'm glad that Sony, from what I can tell so far, is doing a good job with rectifying that with the PS5.

gangsta_red495d ago

Lmao, will BC only work for the Sony exclusive games? You talk as if BC is specifically and only for exclusive games.

Jim said that BC is hardly used, what does your statement about exclusives have to do with Jim Ryan's sudden 180?

Are you saying that those over 10 million that played want to still play just those exclusive games on their PS5?

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OB1Biker495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Bc on PS4 2 years ago and bc at launch on PS5 in about 18 months are two different matters.
I honestly can't care less about bc on PS4 now. Not a flying 4K

gangsta_red495d ago

"honestly can't care less about bc on PS4 now. Not a flying 4K"

Of course not, I noticed that some have to put this legal disclaimer at the end of every comment when saying their either looking forward to BC or having to explain when BC is okay to have.

Shane Kim495d ago

Yeah it's funny. I still haven't understand the concept of having BC unless it enhances the game in some way.

495d ago Replies(3)
IRetrouk495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Every playstation apart from the fourth had bc, it's been a feature of sonys consoles more so than any other platform holder, I'm not sure exactly why they didnt do any form of it at all this gen, other than to make a profit on some remasters and to keep the cost of the ps4 down, but it's good that they are going back to supporting bc, atleast for ps4 stuff.

AspiringProGenji495d ago

Cell Processor is hard to emulate and with PS4 BC on PS5 they may have proven that they aren’t againts BC

Besides, he is right a out that feature being overhyped. Those two statements don’t even contradict each other

gangsta_red495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Positive both statements do contradict each other.

Why is BC important and critical to the success of the PS5 if hardly anyone uses it?

Besides BC was always touted as a great feature to have, it was others who down played it and deemed it overhype.

chiefJohn117495d ago

You hear that? Pancakes flipping again

Antnee534495d ago

Well i think its more important for ps5 since ps4 will be the easiest bc ever for any of there consoles. I still dont see it as important at all.

CaptainObvious878495d ago

There's a very good reason for that.

When MS came out with BC it was already a couple years into the generation. Still a nice feature to have, but at that point very niche.

Now fast forward to today, the PS5 will be coming out (and the next box I assume) with bc AT LAUNCH. That's a very significant thing and I'm personally excited to play older games that have been a little enhanced in between the new games I'm interested in. But again, 2 years into the PS5, I'll prob barely be using bc, if at all.

I hope that clears up the perception of hypocrisy.

gangsta_red495d ago

Unfortunately that's not actually what Ryan said or made it a point to say about BC.

“When we’ve dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much,” said Ryan.

“That, and I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?”

If it's a feature that's hardly used why would it be critical to any system's success?

It's basically an excuse that was used for PS4's own lack of BC for not only PS3 but PS2 and PS1. Sony definitely didn't have a problem with selling those games back to users on their market place.

OB1Biker495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Exactly. Your spot on. He knows it but just doing his thing as usual. Don't bother.

OB1Biker495d ago

'some have to put this legal disclaimer'
Just being honest. I don't have to justify anything.

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AK91495d ago

Would love for them to find a way to do PS1-3 BC as well.

SamPao495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

that would be fantastic, sometimes I just feel like playing some old games... PSNow is nice, but it does not have all the games I would like... so the more options the better :)

darthv72495d ago

digital games perhaps. But dont expect disc based though. At least not for the CD ones. DVD ones may still have a shot though.

IRetrouk495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Yeah bc is going to deff help Sony shift some early consoles, this is good for all ps4 gamers looking to move over straight away.

Also noticed this quote,

"That being said, Ryan clarified that “as of now there is no partnership between Sony and Microsoft” as they simply signed a memorandum of understanding committing them to explore potential partnerships."

Me and Razzer were saying this the other day and got disagreed with a fair bit, just like to say, told ya so😜😆

darthv72495d ago

You do know the top brass at both Sony and MS can do things without the blessing of the sub divisions... right? It seems like Ryan is trying to save face when pressed about the deal that he was not really privy to. Spencer and Ryan are just the heads of their respected gaming divisions and have no real say in what goes on at the upper corporate level.

IRetrouk495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Well yeah ofcourse the higher ups make the calls, that goes without saying, Why do you make stuff up though? Ofcourse hes privy to what's going on at the playstation division he reports directly to Kenichiro Yoshida, you know, the higher up, you think he would just make something up rather than say no comment? Ok...

Following Chief Executive Officer Jim Ryan’s presentation about the future of the PlayStation Business at Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2019, a questions & answers session was hosted, and the executive provided more interesting insight on a variety of topics.

Vice-Presidents John Kodera and Kazuhiko Takeda also helped out with answering the questions.

Taken from this interview