PS5 Specs Look Amazing, Zen 2 CPU Will Bring It Close To PC, Says Dev

FAR: Lone Sails developers speak about the prospects of the PS5's new tech.

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SourtreeDing696d ago

waiting on the comments...

but it will never come close to PC
but you can always upgrade PC with the best and latest
but there are more options on PC
no one cares.. and console gamers know that

Razzer696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

"no one cares"

You do, apparently.

Gaming101695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Oh great, the "If you didn't care you wouldn't have said anything" tired bullshit argument.

On topic, if the PS5 comes anywhere near high end PC's of the generation that it releases with it will be a miracle if it only costs 500 bucks.

Razzer695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

"Oh great, the "If you didn't care you wouldn't have said anything" tired bullshit argument. "

lol.....that's actually a very true argument whether you like it or not.

Cobra951695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Yeah. If you don't care, you don't post. You probably don't even read past the headline. Plus raining on other people's parades needs to get called out. There's no reason for being a spoilsport.

mikeslemonade695d ago

Day 1 preorder for me, $600

fr0sty695d ago

Depends on how much of the rest of the system is customized, vs. just the CPU and GPU. IF they can remove enough bottlenecks connecting everything together using custom tech, they could come away with some advantages that would require a far more expensive PC to match. When PS4 launched, you couldn't build a PC that did what it did for the same price. That changed not long after, but just saying, the consoles usually do come out ahead of their price point as far as performance goes.

RememberThe357695d ago

So you have to "care" about something to share your thoughts on it? I think we're using the word "care" differently. I definitely don't need to have an emotional reaction to have a thought.

Razzer695d ago (Edited 695d ago )


No....if you don't care then you have no thoughts to share don't care. That what "not caring" means.

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SegaGamer695d ago

Well, yeah, facts will get bought up in topics quite often.

dcbronco695d ago

No, facts won't be brought up too often in these forums. Lol

kasu695d ago

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Cueil694d ago

Kasu bringing the facts 😂

Marioraider18695d ago

And yet there hasnt been a game on PC that has been better than God of War, The Last of Us in a long time. Enjoy your shovelware

killswitch80695d ago

and those games are not for everyone. I know a lot of people that didn't like those games. What's it matter anyway. I own a PC and a PS4 Pro. Most people that love video games that PC game also own a PS4 and a Switch. The only scrubs are people that don't own multiplatforms.

SegaGamer695d ago

Funny really, because I have a pc and have played plenty of games that I consider better than those games. I don't feel like I am missing out at all. You may struggle to believe this but there is such a thing as personal preference.

thejigisup695d ago

Dude you can't leave out Star Citizen

starchild695d ago

I know you think those games are the be-all-end-all, but they are not. Reviews and ratings are a matter of opinion and many other gamers can and often do disagree with them.

Personally, I really enjoyed God of War and The Last of Us and that's why I own a PS4, but I don't think they are better than everything else. My game of the generation is actually a multiplatform game.

meep316695d ago

now you are just trolling.

metabolicfrolic695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Okay. You started gaming in 2014? Neat, may I introduce you to Half-Life 2?

DarXyde695d ago

It's all subjective.

Believe it or not, there are people in the world who think games like Farming Simulator is better than both The Last of Us and God of War.

No one is right. It is but one reason why, besides blind loyalty and other things, that anyone would buy an Xbox over a PS4, knowing there are more games on PS4 and have better received exclusives. Some people just don't care about those games.

To each, their own.

-volt-695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Shovelware? That is like 95% of the remaining games that are not AAA games on your silly consoles.

Kryptix694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

"there hasnt been a game on PC that has been better than God of War, The Last of Us"

Huh? I swear I have played Witcher 3 a few months back on max settings with smoother frame rate. If release date matters then hype must control you and you don't control what you play.

Doesn't matter when I played a game as long as I played it.

And that goes with Wind Waker in 4k if I wanted to...

Must suck to have more choice...doesn't it? /s

I'm good.

quent694d ago

Ever heard of the game Heretic 2 developed by Raven Software ?, Yeah you have that game to thank, on PC, for gow existing, little ignorant dipshit

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T2X695d ago

Close enough for the $$$ though....

Neonridr695d ago

I'm a console gamer, and I care. I have a gaming PC as well, so I like to have choices as to where I buy my games.

bluefox755695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

The tech is nice, but less important is matching PC specs. PCs will always be better and faster, which is fine. The way consoles set themselves apart are making games like God of War, which despite it's limited hardware, look better than anything on PC or any platform. You don't really need bleeding edge hardware when you have studios like ND, SSM, and GG. I'm a PC gamer, and I'd rather play these games on my PC, but I wouldn't be much of a gamer if I limited myself to PC.

Ju695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

But it's not. If you tune your PC with the latest and configure that one game that you play it works great. But games will never be fully be optimized for that platform. All you see is 13years tech competing with the latest and greatest. Ta dah. It's "better" but still nothing like latest exclusives. But, yay, finally PC users get to be happy games look better than on a 13 year old machine. Won't be so for a while when next gen hits. Something like ssd can just never be standard on the pc, which means a dev cannot rely on it. I wonder how much the cloud will tie into the PSN - not just for streaming. If this is fully supported by the PS5 (or even on an updated PS4... Because all it needs is an updated os) this can have quite some profound implications for multi-player games. All in all, this comes with 0 need to reconfigure your system or update any drivers. Looks alone ain't it. What if every PS5 comes with a "cloud" instance and one can play the whole library seamlessly from a local PS5 and PS Now? Imagine that.

Razzer695d ago (Edited 695d ago )


"If you tune your PC with the latest and configure that one game that you play it works great. But games will never be fully be optimized for that platform."

The only "tuning" I have to do on PC is install the latest drivers. Optimization involves tuning the game to hit a target. Consoles and PCs share the same architecture so optimizing for one often carries over to another.

" All you see is 13years tech competing with the latest and greatest."

What is this 13 year old tech? Base PS4 has a GPU that is roughly equivalent to a Radeon HD 7850. That card was released 7 years ago, the year before PS4's launch.

It is obvious devs can do more with static hardware like in a console, but that doesn't mean the game will perform better on console. Exclusives look awesome on console. That doesn't mean they would not perform better on PC if they were ported.

"Something like ssd can just never be standard on the pc, which means a dev cannot rely on it."

Devs don't have to rely on anything regarding storage. SSD will improve performance regardless of what the developer does. This is the same if I install a 7200 RPM hard drive instead of a 5400 RPM.

killswitch80695d ago

A large portion PC gamers like myself also support Sony because of the exclusives. Most of are not 5 year old's fighting over such trivial things. Real life problems.

Tzuno695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

yet it still tries to be like a PC :)

Imalwaysright694d ago

It basically will be an AMD box with the Playstation logo attached to it and the same will be true with the next Xbox. PC is the backbone of console gaming.

FyBy695d ago

Coming close to high end pc is not wanted. Take ios vs android for example. Closed vs open system. Long time iphones had inferior cpus and ram to android highend device. But thanks to closed ecosystem and os optimalizations there was no need to have beefier hw.

Its similar for consoles and pc. Theres no need for arguing about that. Its different approach. None of them is better or worse. Both have own advantages and disadvantages. And customer choose his way. Thats it.

justchilliando695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Actually as powerful as PC are console games optimization surpasses PC also which is how u are able to get such high end games with low specs , infact if u built a PC with exact same specs as PS4 on PC u would not be able to achieve same results without so optimization on developers side and even then I think it would be difficult ,games like horizon zero Dawn and God of war have proven this ,also consoles games sell way more copies then any PC games , so developers make less PC AAA games then consoles hence red dead redemption etc. Eventually they will make it but not for a while if they do make it. ps5 specs will probably achieve what u get on a gtx 1080 for a fraction of the price I bet anything we get 60fps at 4k minimum and for a PC to achieve that u need a PC twice the price or more , I see the more Sony optimizes consoles the better and closer to achieving PC specs Xbox one x proved this, now if more people would of not been burned by Microsoft they would of sold enough for developers to want to invest in patching games to support Xbox one x Specs

NarutoFox695d ago

As long as they keep giving its the best games, if they need to charge more for a better console, then it's OK.

MS already charged more for one that can't even provide 60fps on most games.

Kryptix694d ago

Aside from the last part because you seem to care, you got that right.

quent694d ago

The very definition of a peasant ladies and gentlemen

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UltraNova695d ago

What kind of PC? Very ubiquitous term there...a low-end, high-end PC? Is there a way other than Steams data to discern a "base line" PC that can be fairly compared to a console?

Bytor695d ago

If your saying close to something then it close to the best it can do if it's 500 an equipment PC might cost you 2,000 dollars because your not going to piece together a budget PC with all that new tech in it and you still might have a slower hard drive in the end

Cobra951695d ago

I'd guess close to a good up-to-date gaming PC, which gets into the low 4 figures (in US $).

695d ago Replies(2)
gangsta_red696d ago

Aren't these consoles already close to being a PC?

SegaGamer695d ago

Motherboard, ram, gpu, cpu, psu, cooling fans, usb ports, case, yep, they are basically pc's. The difference is the operating system.

TheCryptKeeper695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

You do realize consoles have graphics chips and RAM on the board more similar to a laptop and not an actual GPU, right?

dizzy74695d ago

Stfu idiot you dont have idea from hardware,you think all that thinks belongs to PC only.
Segagamer really? so pathetic name

andibandit695d ago


the ranger with the elephant tranquilizer darts, is looking for you

froy402695d ago

SegaGamer vs dizzy74
fight fight fight fight!

Razzer695d ago


It is an APU. Although the CPU and GPU exist on a single die, they are still distinct. A laptop is still a PC and SegaGamer is correct that the most important distinction between a console and PC is the operating system.

SegaGamer695d ago

You can barely string a single sentence together, I don't think you're in the position to be calling anybody an idiot.

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Cobra951695d ago

If you mean current gen, yes. The architecture is very close. That's what makes them so easy to develop for. Next gen, they'll be even closer, with APUs that could be transplanted directly into PCs.

Kryptix694d ago

For gaming...yes in terms of graphics and not performance as 30fps is pretty low.

Workflow and for productivity as it's missing the operating system which requires dedicated RAM and not shared RAM on the

xX-oldboy-Xx695d ago

Which PC? Who's PC? How many PCs will it be close to?

Consoles should never be compared to PCs, consoles come in 1 (now 2) variants. When that's the case with PCs, have at it.

jznrpg695d ago

They can compare it to a potato I don’t care just give me the release date

xX-oldboy-Xx695d ago

Spot on mate - PS5 all the way.

Cobra951695d ago

Current consoles are based on the x86 architecture, like PCs. Next gen, with Zen2 and Navi, they'll practically merge with PC hardware design. So of course, there are going to be comparisons.

xX-oldboy-Xx695d ago

Closed vs open - valid comparison, also there a heap more povo PCs out there that couldn't a candle to PS5.

That's the reality of PC gaming, are we comparing a top end PC or a $500 PC?

Console all day.

jznrpg695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

I know they are comparable to PCs and will be even more so with PS5 because they won’t be using that piece of crap Jaguar cpu. What I’m saying is we already know it will be a big improvement especially on the CPU and HD side of things so while specs and such are nice to know I really don’t care at this point because I will be buying PS5 regardless of the comparisons and precise stats . Before Cerny gave that interview I was going to buy a PS5 . The only way I wouldn’t have is if they came out and said we are going to release less 1st party and 2nd party games and rely on 3rd party more .

rockwhynot695d ago

Hopefully AMD makes a lot of profit over the next decade so that in the future they can have the resources necessary to invest in more R and D for a new instruction set architecture better than graphics core next.

695d ago
dcbronco695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Already on the way. I believe Navi is the last GCN gpu. And some of Navi is the next architecture.

rockwhynot695d ago

Wow that's impressive! I'm definitely gunna support them by continuing to buy their products.