Best Xbox One backwards compatible games

Our 15 top picks for backwards compatible games on the Xbox One, including Mass Effect, Gears of War and more.

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iplay1up2794d ago

SSX should be on the list! Fantastic game, and it is X1X enhanced. It looks really good in 4K.

Yi-Long794d ago

SSX, or SSX3?

SSX 3 is tremendous. Recently played and ejoyed it again.

Tried to get into SSX (reboot) a few times, but sadly it's no match for SSX3.

Surprised Ninja Gaiden Black isn't on the list. Nor Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning.

There's currently a BC sale in the Xbox Marketplace, but sadly Portal 2 isn't on it.

Juiceid794d ago

Splinter cell is a worthy upgrade as well.

autobotdan794d ago (Edited 794d ago )

This 'Best of BC' list is a complete failure. Any top 10 or 20 BC list is a garbage if it doesn't include Ninja Gaiden games on it somewhere

meep316794d ago (Edited 794d ago )

I think ninja gaiden 2 is the best upgrade of all, atleast on the x. It seriously looks like it could be a current gen game now, all it took was a render resolution config change and a stable 60 FPS. Kudos to Microsoft for not trying to tell us they “remastered” the game and selling it for $60 with no option to use the old disk or old digital license.