Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale Announced, Here’s the Games List

Relive the classics! There's a big backwards compatibility sale for the Xbox One featuring Xbox 360 and Xbox titles! Here's the full list of games.

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meep316806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

I saw morrowind in the picture and was ready to buy it again, it’s not on sale though. Mind you, I might be tempted to get it anyway because it’s the best in the series.

CurbStompin806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

bought it.. and was really disappointed. It hasnt aged well. Even in 4K. Its painful, and I hold it dear to my heart. I think nostalgia really changes the way we think of our beloved games.

UnholyLight806d ago

Seems like something youd wanna play on PC if you could, maybe theres a way that on PC it runs a little better and is more modernized over and above what the magic of the One X was able to provide to the game to try and make it a little smoother at least.

meep316806d ago

It can run better on pc, and can even be modded quite a bit. But there’s something about the original look that just clicks with me.

PiNkFaIrYbOi806d ago

Most older games do not do well with hd or uhd tvs, you need to use a crtv for them.

CrimsonIdol805d ago

I bought an Xbox One X and Morrowind was the game I ended up playing more than any other game. It's aged fine. It's as clunky and ugly as it always was on Xbox but now it runs like a dream at a high resolution instead of 10 fps. I have played it on PC with the amazing complete overhaul mods but I still have ended up trading all that for a proper Xbox controller control scheme. Something about just lying back on the couch with a controller playing this is just so relaxing.

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darthv72806d ago

You can't always go by the picture. It's just a generic thumbnail for the article.

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timotim806d ago

Thinking about getting caught up on the Crisis series with this sale. Wonder is any of these are enhanced for X...

excaliburps806d ago

I doubt they are but who knows. XD

shabz666806d ago

Played crysis 3 again on the x last year, it’s definitely not x enhanced

meep316806d ago

Crysis 3 isn’t bad, the first is by far the best but keep in mind it’s designed for payers to be quite close to the screen.

autobotdan806d ago

No Ninja Gaiden games on sale. This BC sale is a disappointment

Imortus_san806d ago

Two more shoot em ups for the digital collection.

shabz666806d ago

With all the new rumors of a new modern warfare this year and replaying the cod 4 remaster through the igc on ps+ I’ve been feeling the itch to go back to mw 2 these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.