Viva Pinata places a brutal lens on late-stage capitalism

When Rare developed Viva Piñata it was a cute game for the Xbox 360 to rival Pokémon. It shipped, wholesome and lurid, with every new 360 for basically the console's whole lifespan and spawned a co-operative play sequel, Trouble In Paradise.

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johndoe112111358d ago

I'm confused, is this review a joke? Did this imbecile just write a tediously long extremely boring review just to somehow, in her warped brain, link it to capitalism in order to say capitalism is evil? Or did I read that entire review wrong? Can someone clear this up for me?

meep3161358d ago

It’s from an insufferable sjw, which isn’t that far off from a Marxist.

william_cade1358d ago

This is actually quite sad in actuality. This content writer could be using their time to actually fighting for liberation and the well-being for all in the living breathing world that is our streets, forests and communities.

In stead they choose to do it virtually in the most extreme capitalistic way (an environment where intangibility commands a high price for profit) with a boss begging mentality. How does this apply to those that want to be free from being exploited?

This isn't Marxism or even beyond left, it's a narrative of someone that is enjoying life as an exploiter and a sympathizer to all those that exploit.

The writer is a part of the problem.

CaitSith1358d ago

Women make about ~80% of consumer purchases so, if anything, women benefit from the system and thus are the problem.

Atom6661358d ago

This was a funny read. The comments in here made it better, too.

Maybe, just maybe, some articles are meant to be entertaining and nothing more.