Rockstar Games Top 5 Best Video Games

Rockstar has an acclaimed reputation of releasing some of the best open-world titles in gaming. With the most recent game from the studio Red Dead Redemption 2 setting a new standard for open-world games. However, what is the best games to release from Rockstar? Here are NoobFeed's top 5 best video games from Rockstar Games.

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PhoenixUp413d ago

Makes you wish Rockstar still made multiple games this gen

A list like this could’ve been made in 2013 with the exact same games discussed with the sole exception of RDR2

RosweeSon412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

I get what your saying but great games take time when they were banging out gta 3 then vice city the following year SAN Andreas straight after it wasn’t changing as much as it did from Say 3,4,5
Rockstar have never and never will be a yearly churn do I want more than one gta a Gen yeah probably but I’d take the quality they produce that is playable for years rather than yearly churn dribble that it would become if they just rushed out games to have new products out.. why bother if your last ones still selling million (gta5, similar sales to PS4 why rush a new one out)
I’d take a new bully this Gen and a gta next Gen In the hope they’d squeeze another in before the end of next Gen.

PhoenixUp412d ago

That kind of thing makes sense for a developer, not for a publisher as big as Rockstar.

You can’t even name any other publisher that has only released one new game in an entire generation.

Even if for some reason everyone is working on one game at Rockstar, they could either make a new studio to work on new games or outsource to some other developers. RDR2 is a fine game, but not so great that it justifies not getting any other game from Rockstar this this entire gen outside of two remasters. Hell the publisher couldn’t even bother releasing more remasters than just those two titles.

Hardiman413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Red Dead
Red Dead 2
GTA San Andreas

I really love Manhunt! One of the most atmospheric games and so fu*king creepy! I still play it on my PS4.

Profchaos413d ago

GTA Vice City - that soundtrack
GTA San Andreas - that soundtrack and overhaul of gameplay and fun factor
Unpopular opinion GTA IV (complete edition with DLC as it tells one cohesive story)

Hardiman413d ago

I enjoyed IV as well. It had a different vibe to it that I just liked!

King_Noctis412d ago

In my opinion, GTA San Andreas is their best effort and one of the best games of all time, if not the best. Midnight Club 3, RDR2, Bully, and Manhunt would follow in chronological order.

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