Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Update Has Fixed The Lighting and Terrible Faces

Ubisoft recently released a new update for Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered that has somewhat fixed one of the major complaints with the new visuals.

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Bismarn36d ago

What about the characters and plot?

XbladeTeddy36d ago

The plot isn't as bad as people make out. Some characters could do with work but none are as bad as people make out. I really enjoyed this remaster and did get to like Connor in the end.

milohighclub35d ago

I think a lot of Americans don't like to be reminded they invaded and murdered millions of natives.
AC3 was my favourite in the franchise and the last true Assassins creed game. Connor was a badass, wo much better than that ponce Ezio.

FalconofLucis9836d ago

AC3 had a great story, dunno what youre on about the characters were great and the music was on par with AC2. Guess some people cant handle change.

toxic-inferno36d ago

To be honest, I just remember this game being almost completely derived of humour... Which seemed strange when it was sandwiched between the Ezio trilogy and Black Flag, neither of which seemed to suffer from taking themselves too seriously.

starchild36d ago

The plot and characters were good. I really liked Connor and his story.

UnHoly_One36d ago

As a huge AC fan since day 1, my problem with this game was that Connor himself was just so utterly boring...

But then since it was set during a huge piece of American History, they surrounded him with every possible known character and every major event of the time.

The main character was overshadowed by everyone else around him.

It became kind of a Forrest Gump story, honestly.

The writers just jammed their plain boring character into every page of the history book.

ChrisSmithee36d ago

I think people judge AC3 too harshly, especially considering it was trying to move away from the first games that felt too claustrophobic and was experimenting with new landscapes. The plot wasn't that bad m8

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Metalfury36d ago

hope watch dogs 3 gets the same treatment as Ac3 when it comes to redefining gameplay mechanics after second part.