No jokes Ubisoft, give us a new Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell game

Earlier this week, Julian Gerighty, creative director at Ubisoft, teased a new Splinter Cell game. The Ubisoft PR department said he was joking. Why, though, just give us a new Splinter Cell already

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PhoenixUp31d ago

And a new Rayman while you’re at it

thatguyhayat30d ago

And a new prince of persia game

Razmiran30d ago

Rayman and splinter cell first
Then we will see about PoP

Sam Fisher30d ago

No micheal no buy (new that is)

EazyC30d ago

Michael Ironside is actually vocally eager about playing Sam Fisher again, and indeed was in the last Ghost Recon's DLC.

CaptainOmega30d ago

Game can’t just be ‘another Splinter Cell’.... it needs to go back to the Chaos Theory type Stealth... I hated Blacklist.

Vegamyster30d ago

Blacklist wasn't perfect but it did a excellent job at giving you different options in the campaign, whether it was playing it like Chaos Theory or going all out assault. MP could have been balanced better and it needed Ironside but other than that it i thought it was a good game.

PhantomTommy30d ago

I liked Blacklist, but if we get a trailer this E3 and it's just more of the Conviction/Blacklist style, I'll be hugely disappointed. There is a huge gap in the market for an old-school, hardcore stealth game like Thief or Chaos Theory. I want slow, methodical gameplay in non-linear environments -- I'm sick to death of convenient chest high cover and being able to mark enemies to see them through walls.

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The story is too old to be commented.