Lords of the Fallen 2 ditches developer and hits the ropes again

From Eurogamer: "Lords of the Fallen 2 appears to be back on the ropes again.

No sooner had the game attached a new developer, Defiant Studios in New York, than we now hear the partnership has ended and the Polish company in charge, CI Games, has decided to finish the game in-house with outsourcing help."

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Nacho_Z446d ago

Doesn't bode well for a sequel to a very generic Souls rip off to be in development hell. Don't get me wrong I finished the first game and it was ok but I wasn't left wanting more.

Blu3_Berry446d ago

This game has disaster written all over it. I do have much hope for this game honestly. It's going through so many development issues and teams constantly changing. This doesn't bode well with the game at all.