An Argument for a Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Style in Super Mario Maker 2

With unique gameplay elements from other Mario games, here is why Super Mario Bros. 2 deserves the spotlight in Super Mario Maker 2.

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septemberindecember761d ago

It’d have to be its own thing like the 3D World option because the mechanics are completely different. But, it would make for a cool addition.

NecrumOddBoy760d ago

DLC that is separated just like how the Super Mario 3D World content is.

eagle21760d ago

Exactly. I welcome it because this game is already fire. Adding this or even a Super Mario Land (Game Boy) style would make it over the top!

Sophisticated_Chap760d ago

I loved Super Mario 2, and I still own it. I remember it wasn't as popular as the first one or Super Mario 3, but I loved it!

PhoenixUp760d ago

It’d be nice if they added Super Mario Land 2 as another style. It’d be awesome to fight against Wario again

760d ago
Benjaminkno760d ago


Warp pipes and sand digging would be fun