GameShark: Hinterland Review

GameShark writes: "In some ways, the formula for Tilted Mill's Hinterland is reminiscent of Sid Meier's latest iteration of Pirates. There's a few basic game mechanics that are highly refined, exceedingly repetitious and extremely addictive... to a point. Its combination of Diablo-esque RPG combat and strategic city building offers a game mechanic that can keep you up far too late for three or four consecutive nights. Once you stop playing, though, you probably won't go back to it. But then, what more should you demand from a Steam distributed game that costs just $20?"

What's Hot:
+A highly addictive strategy/RPG hybrid that offers crisp, colorful graphics and can be had for just $20

What's Not:
-It only takes a short time to see everything the game has to offer, from there how much enjoyment you'll get depends on how much you want to try out different techniques and strategies

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