Red Dead Online Is Finally An Enjoyable Game

The game’s latest update has introduced a whole world of new activities and exciting things to do, and players can’t get enough of it.

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MajorLazer4d ago

Still got my copy so not too late I guess

AK914d ago (Edited 4d ago )

GTA Online took two years to be enjoyable so not too late at all.

philm874d ago

A little ignorant if you thought it would be crammed full of content from the start of the beta period.

Count_Bakula5d ago

Landscape so different when Undead Nightmare was released. I feel like devs wanted to make story content for us; now Online ONLY exists because of the real-money stores. No PC, no story DLC, seven-month fake beta shield to attempt to cover their asses. Not sure if R* sucks independently now, or if T2 has shaped them.

tar_tar074d ago

Man the story DLC could be so epic. Everyone knows the story world is much more immersive then playing online and see “bootylicker3000” over there and snipe u in the back of the head while you fish.

yomfweeee4d ago

Same thing happened with GTA V online and it was a smashing success. If you don't like it, blame other gamers, don't blame R* or T2.

TheSinsibleOne4d ago

It was the only thing I did in RDR1 lol.

shammgod4d ago

I love buying shit with real life currency! It’s awesome!

AnotherGamer4d ago

Nope, I still get disconnected. You think by now they would at least fix that.