Red Dead Redemption 2's Birthday Is A Sad Reminder Of Red Dead Online's Death

Red Dead Redemption 2 turns four years old day, but there's no cause to celebrate when Red Dead Online is no longer with us

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isarai95d ago

It's still up, tf are you talking about?

IanTH95d ago (Edited 95d ago )


GTAO, a 9 year old game, is given top billing in that update, with multiple paragraphs dedicated to all the varied content coming to the game. 100% alive and well.

RDO, a 4 year old game, gets a couple paragraphs basically saying "keep expectations in check". They are not going to do any more "major themed content updates", and are pretty much putting it in maintenance mode.

They never seemed to be able to figure out what to do with it, and so RDO is as good as dead, and all that wasted effort meant no single player content was released for the game. Bummer all around.

Yi-Long95d ago

I think Rockstar wanted to monetize Red Dead 2’s Online the same way they did with GTA, instead of just focusing first on making sure people would be having FUN in that online world.

Original Red Dead Redemption online had these really fun co-op missions, so you and a bunch of randoms would shoot their way into a canyon or mine or whatever. Not sure if they added such content somewhere in the last few years, but I couldn’t find it when I last checked, years ago.

Profchaos95d ago

But not growing or receiving any further updates or development it was promoted as having a gta lifecycle but we instead got 4 years of mediocre updates

JEECE95d ago

People only like live service or GaaS games. They groan when devs use the terms, but as soon as there is a multiplayer game that is just maintained in a status quo for people to play and have fun, but without new loot and Rick and Morty skins, they cry foul and say the game is "dead" and "abandoned." Literally now people can't understand the concept of playing a multiplayer game because it's fun. If you aren't earning XP to unlock the new pink and gold skin for your gun, what's the point?

neutralgamer199295d ago

Couldn't have said it better

It's a matter of unlocking stuff and trophies yet one thing many gamers seem to completely miss is FUN

MrVux00095d ago

It's dead in the sense that it wont receive anymore major updates like we see in the likes of GTA5 Online (a much older game).

And before someone states RDO is not as popular, the game was never given a proper chance by the likes of TakeTwo (just compare the ammount of updates) and the updates that it did receive pale in comparison to some.

I personally had a blast with it for 3 years, but yea, its time to move on like a lot of old players did.

boing195d ago

Define 'older'. GTA5 just got a remaster for current-gen and it costs almost nothing. I'm sure it invigorated online in some capacity.

Terry_B95d ago

Its a thegamer opinion piece. That says it all.

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Aussiesummer95d ago

Oh please, it was a morons playground.