The Sony PS5 May Repeat a Mistake That Hurt the PS3 in 2006

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 is anticipated to be the mother of all consoles. A recent batch of leaks confirmed previous rumors about the gaming system’s graphical capabilities, and added a few more details to what Sony has already confirmed will come with the PS5. A recent analyst report predicts that the PS5 could repeat a detrimental mistake that held back the PS3 when it launched in 2006.

StormLegend1837d ago

If both the Xbox console is 500 and the PS5 is also 500 then no mistake will be made. I highly doubt either can be 399 or less with that kind of power. And finally many people didn't know what the PS3 was capable of such as HDMI out the box, bluray, rechargeable controllers, better disc slot, free Online and exclusives.

Ceaser98573611836d ago


Xbox Will be 599$ and the PS5 will be 499$ and winning next gen.

KickSpinFilter1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

You are just so wrong.
Not a penny more than $499.99 USD
Xbox on the other hand...

lipton1011836d ago

Ray tracing graphics cards are $2K. I’d pay $599 for a console with that capability

1836d ago
StormSnooper1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

But the PS3 was 599.99 not 499.99. I would actually be very happy with 499.99 because I want both of them to make their next gen consoles a bit stronger out the gate than what we got with the PS3/xb1

blackblades1836d ago

He just trolled all ya, obviously it wont be $599.

rainslacker1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


There was a $499 option for the PS3 at launch. The only difference between that and the $599 version was 20GB hard drive, versus a 60GB hard drive. In the long run, the 20GB would have been a good savings, since hard drive prices plummeted not too long after releases, and you could get a 500GB for less than $100.

I can't recall, but I also think the 20GB version lacked a few of the media ports, but my memory is fuzzy on that.

AnthonyDavis1836d ago

It will be $600.

“PS5 will be notably more expensive”

They wouldn’t say that if it’s only $100 because of inflation. We expect it to be $500 anyway by default. But since the specs look to be relatively greater than PS4 for its time, it will be $600.

And I’m buying it Day 1, and then I’m gonna say haha told you so.

DarXyde1836d ago

Stating things factually without any justification or evidence.

What a time to be alive.

1836d ago
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kneon1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

If all games are forwards and backwards compatible then they can continue to sell the ps4 as the budget model, though I expect it would be the pro with the base ps4 being dropped when the ps5 launches.

KickSpinFilter1836d ago

PS5 will play PS4 and PS5 games
PS4 will play PS4 games

kneon1836d ago

it doesn't have to be that way. Games could be required to support the PS4 for the first few years. That would allow them to carry over their 100 million+ customers into the next generation. It would lead to lower initial PS5 sales, but higher profits overall since games and services are where the money is, not in hardware.

VenomCarnage891836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

You are probably right about forward compatibility. What does anyone think the point of the PS4 Pro was? It was to get the devs used to developing for a wider range of specs. PS5 will be no different, from a coding perspective there will simply be 3 different strength PlayStations. Pop your disc into one and the graphics settings will be determined from there. I think next gen we will see a stop from the perspective of "PS5 games" and "PS4 games," there will probably just be "PlayStation games" from here on out. With the weakest system eventually getting phased out over time

1836d ago
rob-GP1836d ago

This is so backwards, it's the kind of mindset Xbox wants you to have. If a game comes out and it has to work on the PS4, pro and ps5 then either the PS4 side will run/look like crap or the ps5 side won't use the full system capabilities.

I don't see why the generation this time around are obsessed with not wanting to progress and experience new things.

Sont will want people on the ps5, so apart from a few cross gen titles In the first 6months, the library will be separated. If xbox decide to allow all games to work on the s and x, why would anyone buy the more expensive upgrade? Especially if they've just got the x

Christopher1836d ago

You mean the PS4 Pro as the budget model.

nitus101836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

With PC gaming, you can purchase the latest game that will work across a range of different specifications. Of course, if you have a lower spec PC that is supported by a particular game you won't be able to display all the games assets such as 4K/8K and a higher frame rate.

It is possible that the base PS4 will be able to play some PS5 games (obviously this needs to be confirmed) but as with PC's the better-specced PS5 and also the PS4pro will be able to display more assets.

Note: All PS4's support HDR (High Dynamic Range) and providing the game supports HDR (there are quite a few - http://www.pushsquare.com/n... ) then if you have an HDR 4K Monitor/TV even though the base PS4 will only output 1080p you can still see the effect of HDR. Obviously, if the PS4 can't detect that you are using an HDR 4K TV then the fault is with your TV.

badz1491836d ago

Forward compatibility? As good as that sounds, business-wise it doesn't make sense. Few people will flock to buy the PS5 if the games can be played on PS4 even if it's only the Pro. That was why the Pro is not selling ad much as the Slim PS4. Although, BC makes total sense and will push sales.

BenRC011835d ago

Utter disaster and what holds PC gaming back. If you have to make games that can run on last gen hardware you cant push the system as hard. If they adopted that model I'm out and will be buying a pc instead.

kneon1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )


actually it makes good business sense. As I said, the money isn't in the hardware. So if you can release games into a customer base of 100+ million from day 1 then you will sell more and make more money. Plus you aren't starting over, you keep your customer base instead if starting from zero every gen.


what holds Pc gaming back from achieving it's maximum potential is that the fastest configuration is unknown at the time of development and always changing. That would not be the case here.

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seanpitt231836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Well the pro and x are still around $399 it would make no sense for the ps5 and next xbox to be the same, next gen consoles will be $499 if Microsoft are going to try and beat Sony in power then it will cost $599

thexmanone1836d ago

Microsoft will Beat Sony in power

KwietStorm_BLM1836d ago


So you've already said PS5 will be $599. You're also claiming Xbox will be more powerful. So Xbox will be $699? Good luck if that's the case.