Nintendo Showdown: Breath of the Wild vs. Super Mario Odyssey

Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are two of the best games on Switch. But only one can be the winner of Nintendo Showdown!

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Kribwalker158d ago

The 2 best games of the generation so far. Tough competition but i’d go with Zelda BOTW

gangsta_red158d ago

I keep hearing good things about Zelda. When I get a Switch that will be the fist game I get

Kribwalker158d ago

by far my favourite game on any system this gen and totally deserving of its 97 meta. Absolutely loved it. My 3rd favourite zelda game only behind ocarina of time and Link to the past.

execution17158d ago

TBH it's one of those games where you'll either love it or just have no interest in it after a while and Odyssey would be my favorite out of the two games

Jin_Sakai158d ago

“I keep hearing good things about Zelda. When I get a Switch that will be the first game I get“

Great choice. It’s one of my favorite games of all time. Beautiful art style and a huge world to explore. It’s also very relaxing at times.

Super Mario Odyssey was also amazing but it was too short in my opinion.

naruga158d ago

a 300$ console with only 2 games worth buying ...i greatly regret that bought the sht

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sushimama157d ago

What a bunch of absolute overrated BS. I 100%'ed on Mario and with Zelda I did all the Shrines. Zelda is better than Mario, easily. But best of the Generation? Not a chance.

These games are of really great quality and are excellent games. But I still feel that people are still overrating them. Must still have cute Nintendo goggles on. But I will say, that both the games are a MUST PLAY, thats for sure. Borrow your friend's Switch if you have to, but you must play these games.

Teflon02157d ago

Tough comp for most bs overrated. Mario way overdid the moons and made it tedious to even play. It's rare I don't wanna 100% a collectathon. Actually don't think I ever said screw it outside of garbage freeze me and odyssey. It's a good game but those big stages with like 100 post game moons are just trash.
Zelda is decent at best. The dumb durability system cometely ruins the game and having no direct objectives

esherwood158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Never understood the hype for botw, 20 hours in no intentions of touching it again.

ninsigma158d ago

Didn't like botw but oddysey is one of the best games this Gen. So much fun from start to finish, can't recommend it enough!

pietro1212158d ago

I enjoyed Odyssey, but I'd take Breath of the Wild over it

Ninte158d ago

BOTW was my first zelda game I played but its not for me and the same goes to odyssey which to be honest, I haven't played it a lot.

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