Game Focus: Samba De Amigo Review

Game Focus writes: "In a lot of ways, Samba De Amigo is the perfect fit for the Wii. It's got a bright kid-friendly visual style, complete with cute mascots; it's got family-friendly fun packed to the gills; and perhaps the most obvious reason is the controllers can duplicate the feel of shaking maracas without necessarily having to purchase any other expensive peripherals. Take into account the recent popularity of rhythm games, plus that of the Wii itself, and it's not surprising to see why Sega chose now to revive the game that made its first appearance on the Dreamcast console."


+ Bright and colourful characters and levels.
+ A good number of songs.
+ Downloadable content available.
+ Gameplay itself is a blast to play with a friend.
+ Plenty of modes to play around with.


- Controls are a big issue in the higher difficulties.
- Single player isn't much fun.
- Mini-games don't add much to the value.

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