DmC Devil May Cry sequel possible, according to Capcom

A DMC Devil May Cry sequel could be possible according to the producer for Devil May Cry 5. However, Ninja Theory would need to be involved before it could happen.

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PhoenixUp699d ago

How’d Capcom even get Ninja Theory to make a sequel when they’re now owned by Microsoft?

Why would Capcom even want a sequel considering that it didn’t move a lot of units commercially? You could take that effort and make another sequel for another franchise

TheRealTedCruz698d ago

Make a deal with MS and maybe make the reboot a console exclusive? Be a good grab for MS, and relieves the financial stress of releasing a less popular take on a series, while keeping the series proper multi-plat.

shuvam09698d ago (Edited 698d ago )

Not happening...
Not after the disaster that was Dead Rising 3 & 4...
No more western devs for major Capcom IPs...

shuvam09698d ago

That's an indirect way of saying it won't happen...

SoulWarrior698d ago

Seems a bit redundant now with the vastly superior DMC5 already out and having performed well.

698d ago
FernDiggidy698d ago

some people can enjoy both. It's ok.

pietro1212698d ago

I did. Heck, DmC is one of my favorite Devil May Cry titles. (Dmc5, 3, DmC, 4, 1) 2 doesn't make the cut. Haha

solideagle698d ago

didn't DMC5 exceeded Capcom's expectations? I thought they would stick with DMC 6 + Dante.

I wonder if they release DMC5:Special Edition with Lady/Trish playable

DangerousDAN698d ago

They most likely will stick with it. Ninja Theory would be developing the DmC sequel if it happens. Capcom's own devs will handle the original timeline.

AK91698d ago

Why? The game was the least selling entry in the DMC franchise hell even 2 sold more than it. Just stick with the OG formula not the edgelord Donte and the atrocious combat.

698d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.