Sony denies LittleBigPlanet image import tool

Sony is now denying the rumor of an image import tool on the PlayStation Forums. A developer just posted this update:

There are a couple of these rumors flying around today, so to clear things up - image importing is very much technically viable which may have been what Alex is referring to, however there are currently no plans to introduce it for a variety of reasons.

This is the official post:

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StalkingSilence4029d ago

Props to LittleBigMadness for the story. A lot of good stuff directly from developers on the forums that many people never see. Thanks for sharing this one.

Capt CHAOS4029d ago

it wouldn't be long before a pair of boobs appeared in little johnny's little big planet..

Agente474029d ago

You can add boobs with the PS Eye.

Fishy Fingers4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Not really, you can easily take a picture of boobs with the Eye, or anything else really, bring it up on a monitor and snap a pic with the camera.

I'm sure this has far more to do with, Sony and MM fearing a potential backlash over copyright infringement.

Real shame though, hopefulyy they find a work around and get it all working and legal.

chasuk084029d ago

I think its more to do with sony wanting to increase sales of the PS Eye. Lets face it, copyright isnt an issue. I could take images of whatever i want, eg a book, and it would still be infringing copyright of the book.

BrianC62344029d ago

"I'm sure this has far more to do with, Sony and MM fearing a potential backlash over copyright infringement."

If that was true though why allow the PS Eye to be used? Can't we just take a photo of anything and print it and shoot the photo with the PS Eye? I wonder how that would end up looking? It might work.

meepmoopmeep4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

if sony was smart they WON'T add that feature

so that people would have to resort to buying a PSEye.
that would be a smart business move.

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aiphanes4029d ago

Its the best work around right now. I wish we could use our own music...but that will never happen right?

Reibooi4029d ago

to be honest I see no reason why they shouldn't add a Image import tool. Oh there will be porn in the game after a bit some will say. However that's not valid as someone can just take a picture of the same nature with the PSeye. If it's for copyright reasons its the same deal. Someone can just take a picture of the item in question and import it. The only difference would be that a Image import would be better quality and make things more professional looking.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4029d ago

...Believe what you read in the erm ;-D

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