Why I Don't Write Negative Video Game Reviews

KeenGamer: ''Some publications will tell you outright not to write wholly negative reviews and for good reason. An outbreak of negative reviews can strongly affect a video game’s sales and the developer’s livelihood. Overly negative reviews will cause uneasy relationships between the developer and the publication you write for, possibly severing it entirely.''

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TheEnigma3139d ago

yo make crappy games you get crappy results. no need to try to get consumers money and sell them a busted product. I'm for the gamer over the devs sorry.

Nitrowolf29d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Well now I know what site to keep away from

At the end of the day readers matter more than publishers. So what if you end up cutting ties with them you can still buy their games and write about them. And even still it rarely happens for a publisher to outright blacklist a website for a bad review

RememberThe3579d ago

So all the negative reviews of Days Gone were good?

I was just reading the comments for the article about the games Japanese sales and people are hammering the reviews for not telling us how great this game so clearly is, even though all the issues reviewers had are real and worth mentioning.

People are so weird when it comes to what they want from reviews, it's turned into a no win situation for reviewers. If they try to stay objective and informative, they're labels as soft on games, but if they try to share their negative experience they're labeled as haters or out of touch. It's all so nonsensical and strangely personal.

I prefer the impersonal objective review, less focused on quality and more on content. But a review really just is an account of someone's experience and the idea that we all need to have the same opinions and standards is asinine to me.

rainslacker9d ago


What is happening with days gone reviews isnt what this article is talking about. They're taking about basically having to say a game is trash. As in its actually bad.

He's saying that if that's the case, then you should just not review it, because there may be consequences.

I dont agree with this mentality. Publications and their reviewers should report what they feel is right, and stand by it despite the ramifications. Obviously, if something is going wrong, then change your standards, like with days gone not giving the game to some SJW a**hat who you know is going to trash the game because you know they have no ethical standards to provide a service for their readers. But otherwise, the chance of repercussion from the industry is slim, and the readers will forget about whatever you say the next time you write something they like, because most people dont even know the websites they get their info from anymore.

RememberThe3579d ago


You make a good point about the short term memory of readers. If most people won't remember the reviewer in the first place than all their whining is empty venting about a person not sharing their opinion.

I still think it's asinine to demand that a reviewer love the same things you love but I think it's that whining that actually irritates me. And to deny the reality that the imperfections are even there just to drive home a point is equally irritating.

Let the reviewer give their opinion, let them be as honest and open as they can, then make your decision. The idea that you can't trust reviews because the scores don't end up being what you think they should be is small-minded. There is nothing wrong with critique or a different perspective; it should be lauded in this industry with how expensive content can be and how much of a time sink many games are. To attack reviewers as out of touch or some how bias for being honest about an imperfect game that you love is just juvenile.

shauzy9d ago

in some cases reviewers may bash the game and underrate them for no reason or for the sole reason that the publisher didnt pay enough money to them, like in the case of days gone, sure the game has glitches but if we go by that standard then skyrim and fallout are the worst games in history

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CH33S39d ago

Agreed. I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of the piece is though.
"Why I Don't Write Negative Video Game Reviews"- Seems to be keengamer telling me I can't trust their reviews. It being posted here seems to be a way putting something asinine before the masses to garner negative traffic.

I'll let others decide that though.

harmny9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

no devs no games.

and im not talking about the executives of EA or Bethesda. im talking about developers that spend years of their life working to make something and then the game has a couple of problems and suddenly its being review bombed on steam and they have thousands of people screaming in their ears telling them they are scammers they suck and should die.

you and all gamers should really be aware that big publishers may be greedy. but the people that actually work overtime and put their heart into the game are real people. Indie developers too

Imalwaysright9d ago

As a consumer, I couldn't care less about your sob stories. Respect is a two way street and if you throw your anti-consumer crapola at me then I have no sympathy for you and this goes for devs and publishers alike.

harmny9d ago Show
Imalwaysright9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yes and I decided to tell you the reason why I couldn't care less about your sob stories. I wasn't however expecting you to show me how much of a two faced hypocrite you are so I'm glad that I replied to you.

harmny9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@Imalwaysright i don't think you know what being a two faced hypocrite means. You're reasons make no sense and they show you have no idea how a game is made.
What's​ the problem? Did I hurt your feelings? Developers get comments like that every second.

rainslacker9d ago

All he's saying is that he doesn't owe the developer anything if they provide a product that he isnt happy with. I'd assume for products he just doesn't want, or are bad, he's just going to ignore it like any normal person.

But in the larger picture, as a consumer, we dont have to support devs if the product they produce isnt what we expect. I the cases where they, or the publisher, do stupid things, we have every right to complain...especially in long standing franchises, or games from known developers.

We shouldn't tear down the developer with personal attacks. But there is nothing saying that we should not Express our dissatisfaction. Review bombing is one way that's done...which I dont agree with as it doesn't actually speak to the quality of the game, but there aren't that many outlets to get our feelings across as a consumer. Just talking about it on the forums doesn't do much good overall.

I respect the devs. Even those that produce a bad game, or release a game with questionable policies because I know how much work it is. But it doesn't mean that they aren't still part of the process, and while publishers have the ultimate say, I do know that the higher ups on the dev team have a lot of influence on how those crappy policies are imllemented. It's not like they're just innocent bystanders in a situation they have no control over.

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Imalwaysright9d ago

True. Reviews exist to serve us, the consumer, and if they don't then there is absolutely no reason for them to exist.

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lptmg9d ago

that's because you didn't have to review Life of Black Tiger

Darkwatchman9d ago

If a game is bad, you write a negative review. That’s all there is to it. If you’re more concerned about the publisher relationship or the effect it’ll have on sales, then you can’t be trusted as a reviewer.

FalconofLucis989d ago

This. This person is a bad reviewer.

ifinitygamer9d ago

Agreed. No need to lambast a game unnecessarily like some people do, but give it the appropriate amount of credit where it's due, and equally the amount of criticism where it's due. Just be fair and balanced. Saying no negative reviews means it is inherently unbalanced.

Nitrowolf29d ago (Edited 9d ago )

100% agree

If you write a bad review though you should be able to back up everything 100%, in which case there’s no reason to feel bad. As long as you have backing to support the score you should be fine. I see to many reviews nowadays marking down score for dumb things

Bad games get made just like bad films happen, there’s no reason why we should excuse them in fear of hurting someone’s feeling or getting them less money in their pocket.

As a reviewer, it’s our job to inform players what they are getting. We aren’t here to cater to publishers want, and if you are yourin the wrong profession. Go be a twitch or you tuber for that shill life

Vanfernal9d ago

So he's pandering to the big publishers... That makes this reviewer untrustworthy... Spare me that "livelihood" crap. If someone makes a bad game and the game deserves a bad review, so be it. You are doing NOONE a favor by not writing negative reviews. Actually you would be letting the consumer buy a piece of crap with their hard earned money just to cater to the people who give you review copies and free swag. That's a total lack of integrity.

monkey6029d ago

The blue collar folk who work as hard as anyone else to earn the almighty dollar to pay for this entertainment deserve as much respect as the developers. They say don't bite the hand that feeds. This poor man just didn't realise it's the public leadership that feeds not the developer relationship.

I'm not sure what he was trying to achieve with this article, be it a pat on the back or whatever but I think he'll find his naivety got the better of him

Vanfernal9d ago

He basically said "Don't trust my reviews because I'll always give a free pass to the developers".

DaDrunkenJester9d ago

But... your integrity is lost and I can't trust your reviews. If you can't even be honest with yourself and score it how you want then how can anyone take any of your reviews seriously?

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