Happy Birthday : Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (Xbox)

Beefjack stars off a new section which will be dedicated to celebrating the birthdays/release dates of some of the major gaming franchises.

These series include Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear, Syphon Filter, Resistance, Call of Duty 4 and GoldenEye 007 N64.

Today though it's the turn of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (Xbox)...

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morganfell4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

his story is lame. MGS2 on the Xbox is hardly worth remembering. Sales wise and technically speaking it was nothing to write home about.

PirateThom4035d ago

Ah, the game that caused Hideo Kojima to take a paycut and form Kojima Productions so he could get the IP rights to his games back after Konami ported to XBox without his permission and ended up gimping the game.

And why Metal Gear Solid will never appear on a non-PlayStation platform again.

Happy Birthday, indeed!

Bnet3434035d ago

Didn't Twin Snakes come after Substance for Xbox? So that means it appeared on a non-PS platform then after.

Alex_Mexico4034d ago

Yes it was. But, unlike MGS2:S for Xbox, Twin Snakes was aproved personally by Kojima when Miyamoto asked him. Hideo is a self proclaimed Miyamoto follower and couldn't say no to him and the MGS1 remake.

CloudsEnd4035d ago

Who cares for that f*cked up sh*t-version of Substance lol.

hay4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Wow, not original Sons of Liberty? It's like happy birthday Witcher Enhanced edition or Fable: The Lost Chapters.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4035d ago

The fact that this game is on an Xbox just shows that Metal Gear, hasn't, and may not always be exclusive.

ChampIDC4035d ago

I love how many disagrees you get for saying MGS games may not always be exclusive.

I'm glad they brought this game to Xbox, because I'm always a one console per generation person. I've missed out on MGS 3 and 4 because of exclusivity. Regardless of how bad any fan might say it is, I still enjoyed the game.

Capt CHAOS4035d ago

"What was all the fuss about"?

THis was a pile of steaming poo and gave a bad taste in the mouth every time someone said 'Metal Gear Solid'.

Yes, you got it, I bought it on the XBOX, With things like splinter cell to content with, I'm not sure why they even bothered.

robotnik4035d ago

Altough I didn't play the Xbox version, I played the PS2 version a lot of times, like 5 times. One of the best PS2 games out there.

I liked Raiden, but I was a bit dissappointed that you got to play as Snake for just a little time.

Great Soundtrack by Harry Gregson Williams, composer of high quality sountracks like The Rock (1996), The Borrowers (1997) and Kingdom of Heaven (2005).

If you havent play it, I recommend it, as every Kojima game.

Overall a 9,5 game. Impressive.

Memorable quotes:

Colonel: I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!

Solidus Snake: How much do you think we spent on that arm in Lyon? The best transplant surgery in the world!
Revolver Ocelot: I never trust a Frenchman.

hay4035d ago

If I could choose my favourite MGS it would be 2. I simply love the tanker and big shell ideas. Finished it several times, made on 100% like two times.

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