Jolt Review: Far Cry 2

Jolt: "At first the idea of having to sneak around grasslands, jungles and deserts undetected is appealing, but sooner or later the travel becomes a grind and you'll just want to get in a vehicle and speed to your missions unhindered. With good reason, too, as this is where all the myriad elements come to fruition, supporting any number of FPS play-styles. Lob a series of Molotov cocktails into the enemies' hideout, then retreat and use a sniper rifle to pick them off in the ensuing inferno; find a good vantage point and pepper an encampment from afar with a heavy machine gun before closing in with a shotgun; sneak in with a silenced pistol and complete the objective without alerting anyone – all of these options and more are available, whether the ultimate goal is coercion, sabotage or assassination."

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