Easy US PSN video store access from EU account

I found this trick out last night for anyone not living in the US who wants to access the PSN video store.

Firstly, log on to a US account and open up the PS Store. On the 'Home page' there is a random selection of banners, varying from games, DLC, Demos and ... full films from the PS Video Store! If a film is not one of these banners when you initially enter the store, then simply click through to anything on the store then go back to the home page, where a new selection of random content appears.

Eventually you should see a film appear - click through on this link, and you'll be given all the options to Buy, Rent, Preview etc.

Of course, this isn't a particualrly effective method of accessing films from the US store as you're randomly 'given' one to pick, and actually purchasing something is still a little tricky, but nevertheless it's still interesting how Sony overlooked something like this.


As has been discussed in the comments, please do NOT attempt to purchase any of these films as all you'll recieve is an error message ... after you've paid.

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walker014024d ago

its just pointless, there normally only 1 film being adverting on the home page and its pointless of only having 1 film to choose from

Bordel_19004024d ago

I tested too, it does not work for me either.

gaz_y2k44024d ago

This does work, I've come across it before and very nearly purchased Iron Man.

So in response, this isn't fake at all.

davekaos4024d ago

i came across this method about 3 weeks ago and saw 3 was advertised so i decided to rent the hd format, But after i purchased the film for $2.99 about £2 i clicked the download button and i get an error code, i contacted sony and they are aware of this and they refunded me, They said that europeans can access the video section by chance but you will not be able t download the file.
If you dont believe me try it your self but i guarantee you would be better off wiping yur ass with the money coz u aint getting owt

StalkingSilence4024d ago

everything in the article is right - except that it never mentions what you said - you can't buy anything.

SafeRat4024d ago

Does state this now :)

willykyu4024d ago

I tried several weeks ago, and you can purchase but can't download... so don't try, it's useless.