‘Goku Day’ is a good reminder that Dragon Ball games should explore the hero’s dumber side

Few characters have appeared in as many games as Goku. The spiky-haired warrior, known for his bulging biceps and for screaming “Ka-me-ha-me-ha!” whenever he unleashes his fireball attack, is one of gaming’s most well-known heroes … even if he is pretty dumb.

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PhoenixUp870d ago

Who cares about Goku’s civilian life in a game? It’d be fun to watch, but not fun to experience first hand.

When you play as Goku, you want the thrill of commanding his power, not his misunderstanding of how he conceived Gohan & Goten. What’s next a Dragon Ball game about Gohan’s ventures in the academic field, Krillin’s time on the police force, or Android 17’s experience as a park ranger?

TheUndertaker85870d ago

I’d think you primarily would as aren’t you always championing games being less bare bones and story driven?

PhoenixUp869d ago

Dafuq kind of reasoning is that? Nobody buys Dragon Ball games to experience the daily lives of the characters. They buy them for their awesome fighting abilities

TheUndertaker85869d ago

So in other words yes.

Don’t get your panties into a twist because you argue for less bare bones and more story driven content while ironically arguing here, half assed at that, why Dragon Ball should be bare bones and not story driven.

Ironically also if it doesn’t have a place and people don’t want it please excuse the apparent ignorance as to why it fits in the show.

PhoenixUp869d ago

You’re arguing for more meaningless fluff than anything substantial in a Dragon Ball game. The fact you’re actually serious about offering something besides fighting in a DB title is laughable