Resistance 2 Trophy Guide

Since Sony updated the PlayStation 3 firmware to include trophies, gamers around the world have been sucked into the frenzy of hording to get the numerous bronze, silver, and gold offerings. Whether it's replaying this year's patched hits such as Burnout Paradise and GTA4 or diving into new games this fall, there's plenty to get caught up in playing. With that in mind, GameSpy has already cleared a fairly large percentage of Resistance 2's trophies, so they've come up with a look at the best and easiest ways to pick up the best of the precious metals just in time for you to pop the disc into your console.

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robotnik5648d ago

Please enjoy this news item.

ArtisianDragon5648d ago

Thank you. This outta be fun, before I never cared about trophies but after LBP and RB2 I've become addicted to it, and with R2 having them this will be fun trying to get them all. Some of them I'm wondering if they would even be possible unless I sink in quite a few hours into the game over a weekend or something. In any event thanks for the list :D

robotnik5648d ago

Right now I have some trophies for Uncharted, add me if you wanna see them: PSN ID Ragexen.

I heartly recommend Uncharted if you have not played it, very amusing game by Naughty Dog.

ArtisianDragon5648d ago

I've heard a lot of people tell me to play Uncharted, I dunno. With all the games coming out now and the prices of things dropping making me tempted to reach out and grab them. I might as well put it on a Christmas list and hope I get it. Otherwise it may be quite a while before I pick up the game. :)

robotnik5648d ago

Well Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is Platinum 20€ right now, don't doubt and get it!

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Tomdc5648d ago

I completed all of super stardust hd apart from the easy gold you get from co-op lol cant find anyone good to play with! Everyone just keeps dying!

I got every uncharted trophy toapart from the one for completing on the hardest mode which is too hard for me.

I rock at resistance tho, I'll deffo be making this my first platinum trophy.

The hardest games with trophies are by far warhawk and wipeout (especially wipeout)

ArtisianDragon5648d ago (Edited 5648d ago )

That's the same problem I am having at the moment so many Devs releasing way to many games at the same time. I'm physically having to pick and choose which games I want to get first and which games I'll have to get way later as well as sinking in a few more hours at work JUST to get these games. Also thanks, I'll get Uncharted perhaps during Christmas I suppose no other games I want out by then or perhaps I'll just ask for the Rockband 2 drums so I don't have to get them.

Also I would get them next year but I also have a Wii and if the rumor of Monster Hunter Tri~ is true in which it comes out around that time (Hopefully in the states) then Uncharted won't be played at all :)

*Bubbles to all speaking here :)*

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cellfluid5648d ago (Edited 5648d ago )

How can u deny this game it has so much content that other developers should b ashame of themselves.. This is like 5 games n 1 wow 4 only 60 bucks.. And n these times its a no brainer

Pennywise5648d ago

Orange box was good value, but R2 is beyond that...

OBox is a bunch of games on a 8 year old engine. Multiplayer was TF2 which is junk. HL was always a good game, but I beat it 5yrs ago. I could care less for episodes. Its like watching a tv show episode once a year if that... you wouldnt be into it.

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Bren865648d ago

Uncharted is an easy platinum to get.

SSHD 100% was pretty tough, took me 498 attempts at the late boomer trophy.

Wipeout HD is by far the hardest to get the platinum trophy. I only need 2 more golds to get platinum, I have to do the elite phantom races :(.

Currently working on GTA IV with 60% trophies, not looking forward to some of the online trophies though as the games still broken online since launch, rank resets etc.

bruiser815648d ago

Whats your PSN i.d. all my current friends suck for some reason and have little to no trophies.

ultimolu5648d ago

Oh gawwwd...I'm gonna be hooked on this game for months. xD
My copy should come today. I was hoping for yesterday. ;-;

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Ranking the Resistance Games From Worst To Best

While it's been on ice for as long as it was around, the Resistance franchise has no shortage of quality.

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Knushwood Butt721d ago

My take:

Single player
3, 2, 1

3, 1, 2

3, 2, 1

I beat the lengthy single player in 1 multiple times and spent hours in the online too. Plus 1 featured my home town! Special mention to the audio design in 1: playing that with surround headphones blew me away.

Note: I have the platinum for Resistance 2.

Eidolon720d ago

Resistance 1 MP will always be my favorite. Call it nostalgia or whatever, but that was my jam, felt more balance, natural.

Miraak82 720d ago

i have the platinium too , 10k kills in online ranked matches was no joke . Took me 3-4 months straight grinding but it was fun . To put it in perspective you only got like 25 kills per match if you were 1st place every match that's at Least 400 matches in 1st

Sciurus_vulgaris721d ago

I only played the 3 main Resistance titles. My ranking would be;
1. Resistance 3
2. Resistance: Fall of Man
3. Resistance 2

GoodGuy09721d ago

Man I loved 3's campaign. Another gem stuck on the ps3 and who knows if insomniac will go back to the franchise.

fr0sty720d ago

Resistance, Warhawk, MAG, Motorstorm, there's so many first party gems on PS3 that Sony has just left to die...

P_Bomb721d ago

Never played Burning Skies but I still have Retribution.

monkey602720d ago

Burning Skies was about 3 hours long and rather inconsequential. You haven't missed anything