Gaming Nexus: Age of Booty Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "After rearming Bionic Commando, striking back with 1942 and giving us the first 8-bit Mega Man in more than a dozen years, Capcom has decided to bring us a decidedly different Xbox Live Arcade game. Instead of old school graphics and retro gameplay, Age of Booty is an oddly addictive (albeit simple) real-time strategy game set in the times of swashbuckling pirates. It's not as solid as some of Capcom's other Xbox Live Arcade releases, but that shouldn't keep you from finding yourself hopelessly addicted to the game's great multiplayer mode.

Age of Booty comes to us from Certain Affinity, a young company headquartered in Austin, Texas. While you may not know this game, chances are good that you would know their next game, the Xbox 360 port of Left 4 Dead. Like Valve's upcoming zombie first-person shooter, Age of Booty's emphasis is put squarely on co-op gameplay. Sure there's a single-player mode, but it's clear from the start that this game was intended to be played with more than one person at a time."

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