Top 7 Gaming Exclusives That Really Hurt

Exclusive games aren't unusual. Every console has titles just for it. But some shouldn't be locked away. These seven should have appeared everywhere!

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lxeasy163d ago

It's one of those sites where you have to click on the next page to see the next game...ugh

chris235163d ago

wouldn‘t have clicked this blogpost anyway. whining about exclusives is really kindergarten.

Tross162d ago

To think I used to visit that site regularly. I haven't for quite some time though. I hated their list format even back then, and their decent writing staff were slowly but surely being replaced by MS fanboys, so I made tracks.

Bronxs15162d ago

i dunno if it's whining. i can see someone on xbox with an exclusive like ori, sunset overdrive, or cuphead and being like it hurt those games that more people didn't get to play them. true to some extent i think. at least cuphead, and (maybe ori?) moved to switch. i know it's on pc, but now other console gamers get to play. i think quantum break was good too and some ps4 owners would have enjoyed it.

darthv72162d ago

So the bottom line of this piece is, if the game is developed by a 1st or 2nd party then it should be exclusive. Example: 343 making Halo for MS or Naughty Dog making TLoU for Sony.

If developed by a 3rd party it should be published by a 3rd party for any platform that wants a copy. There would be no more 3rd party games published by platform holders. Example: Insomniac developed games published by the likes of MS or Sony or Nintendo but instead a 3rd party publisher like Sega or Activision.

I guess i understand that rationale. The spider-man game currently has no ties to the movie license that Sony has the rights to but if it did then it would make sense for Sony to hold the exclusivity.

lociefer163d ago

As soon as i realized that i regretted my click, them idiots need to join us in 2019 and leave the past alone

Daeloki163d ago

Thanks for the heads-up!

DarXyde163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

There are 7 games listed in the tags.

I will assume those are the 7 of interest and move on.

AK91162d ago

Thanks for telling me saved me a click

Juancho51162d ago

Thanks for saving me some time, I hate those damn next page sites...fucking stupid.

Bronxs15162d ago

thanks for the heads up i won't bother click lol

Profchaos162d ago

Just look at the tags and you can see all the titles mentioned

drunkenspy007162d ago

any cheatcc post is just clickbait.

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Hardiman163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

They aren't locked away, they just have been produced and created by a company and it's studios or a company sees an install base and sees that their game would sell well there. I've been gaming for 30 years and only recently has this notion of "exclusives " become an issue. Every console has had its games that only are on that system. Like I don't recall there being a push for Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic, Strangers Wraith or Morrowind to come to the PS2. I'd imagine because the PS2 had a shit load of it's own exclusives. No I had an Xbox for those games. It's not difficult to understand how this works!

Again if a company is doing enough business and has a reputation for quality it's makes sense they'd draw attention from license holders.

For me the narrative should be why isn't there a push for all major console providers to strive to reach the level of quality of competitors and fund more NEW IP's instead of shaming them for providing a fertile environment that delivers the quality exclusives in the first place.

This isn't a cheap hobby and if you are limited on funds then I'd suggest getting the system with the widest range of software that speaks to you.

ButtAnihilator162d ago

Most console exclusives are exclusive for arbitrary reasons, not because the companies behind the consoles were responsible for making the game, very much like how epic is just throwing money at devs to makr games exclusive to their platform. It's a shady practice that's terrible for the consumer, and it's not suddenly ok just because your favorite brand does it too. Stop applauding this shady practice.

himdeel162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

By your logic I should be able to buy Big Macs at Burger King because that isn't consumer friendly that I cannot but the specific burger I want anyplace burgers are sold.

Teflon02162d ago

You're dumb. The games mentioned aren't paid for exclusives. Saints Row was because 360 existed at the time. No PS3 at the time. Titan Fall was a bad assumption from EA thinking XBOne was going to outsell PS4. Persona 5 is ATLUS not liking to have to deal with porting and would rather work on 1 platform and use resources on polishing the game as much as possible. Tetris Effect was simply made with VR in mind and will likely drop on PC in the future. Spiderman was just something between marvel, Sony and Insomniac. It didn't involve no one else and was created between them so it was authentic. I have a more questionable thing. Why are these all Xbox and PlayStation games? I found Tetris 99 being a more odd exclusive than all of these and it's sad because the Switch controller and it's analog stick for main control makes it a bit inconvenient for it. As well as it being a online game for the crappiest online service etc. Seems more like a Ninty boy wishing these games were ported. Because Beyonetta 2 and 3 is more a shame imo than all these games that started as exclusives and such

ButtAnihilator162d ago

@himdeel I'm not saying that it should be illegal to have exclusivity, but that exclusivity screws the consumer, which is a fact. And your burger analogy is terrible for more reasons than I care to waste my time writing about.

@teflon02 I'm not talking about most exclusives mentioned in the list, I didn't waste my time visiting that website. I'm talking about most exclusives in general.

Hardiman162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Shady, jesus I'm in the twilight zone! Again exclusives seem to be an issue now because not everyone has as many as others. How about hold companies feet to the fire and demand better.

Instead of just getting the console that again has the most variety of software, we're just gonna complain our choice of plastic doesn't.

AspiringProGenji162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

The way Epic is doing it is arbitrary and bad for consumers, but Sony, MS, and Nintendo don’t get exclusives to screw anyone (except for a very few cases). They get exclusives to boost their brand and that is not anti consumer just because you or anyone don’t happen to have that console to play such exclusives.

ButtAnihilator162d ago

@Hardiman yes, we do seem to be in the twilight zone, because while everyone is rightfuly mad that we gotta pay for a dozen different streaming services to get the best movies and series and everyone is rightfuly mad that we gotta install a bunch of different launchers on pc to play different games, y'all're perfectly fine that we gotta buy a dozen different consoles to play the best games. It's annoying.

XabiDaChosenOne162d ago

@ButtAnihilator Consumers are only entitled to what they purchase nothing more. Don't like it? Don't buy it.

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FallenAngel1984163d ago

If it hurts that bad then just get the console it’s on instead of crying about it

BehindTheRows163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Yup! Problem solved.

stuna1162d ago

But yet two people seem to disagree with you!?

raWfodog162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Exactly what I was planning to do for Scalebound. I was going to buy an Xbox since that was the only Xbox One game I was looking forward to playing but they went and killed that chance.

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Lexreborn2163d ago

I won’t ever encourage this thought process. Seeing anyone purposely stop themselves from enjoying something they have an interest in then blaming someone else will never resonate with me.

If I want a whopper I’m not going to cry because Burger King has the whopper I’m going to go get the damn whopper. If I want a game on a different platform I’m going to go get it.

Most of the time I can wait and if I wait it’s cheaper and I still enjoy myself no more then getting it day one. I wish people would stop acting like anyone is holding a gun to their head on not getting exclusives. You have a choice, you just choose to whine.

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