John Wick Hex - Announcement Trailer

John Wick Hex is in development for consoles and will be available for Windows PC and Mac exclusively via the Epic Games Store at launch.

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-Foxtrot1664d ago

This needs a proper AAA video game with top graphics, John Wick deserves that

rpvenom1664d ago

Imagine if GTA 6 was a similar storyline concept to John Wick.. that be pretty bad a$$. A whole hitman underworld

snoopgg1664d ago

This needs the art direction of max payne, the original john wick

gtxgamer21664d ago

I came here to say this, I'd love me some John wick with some max Payne 3 gunplay

SkatterBrain1664d ago

I Want A SuperHot VR DLC with john wick skinned onto it and id like to be able to see the scene i played out in a movie like Replay to make me look Badass

Iceball20001664d ago

Epic Exclusive? Nope Epic fail.

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John Wick 5 announcement gives way to John Wick game update

The immense success of John Wick 4 leads to the official announcement of John Wick 5 from Lionsgate, alongside an update on an upcoming John Wick game.

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-Foxtrot184d ago

It needs to be a third person action shooter, something like a combination of Uncharted and WET

Terry_B184d ago

John Wick Kart Racer with a Paris Stage or I am boycotting it ^^

masterfox184d ago

is going to be hard for devs to implement a proper good looking John WIck combat in a game, third person is a must! no doubt there, and they literally need to combine, ragdoll physics effects, CQC combat, Sifu combat, and 90 % gun usage imo, and yes uncharted sequences as well, it could end up the most amazing combat mechanics so far, or as well the most bad one.

chrisx184d ago

So kind of like an upgraded version of sleeping dogs

iNcRiMiNaTi184d ago

I feel like the execute mechanics in splinter cell conviction/blacklist comes close to some of the more flashy kills. Other than some kind of auto aim mechanic, I don't know how they're going to pull off the fast headshots on multiple targets. The best experience I've had so far is the john wick mod for half life alyx but that's in VR so it's way easier to get quick precise aiming all around you.

where-eagles-dare184d ago

Watch Dogs Legion does a splendid job of encapsulating John Wick gun fu style combat. You can swap to a different character who closely resembles Mr Wick.

Rhythmattic184d ago

Remedy doing a John Wick in game mechanics like Max Payne would be a go....


Free John Wick action platform 8-bit game is now available for the PC

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