Need for Speed 2019 Will Return to Racers vs Cops Mentality

As part of its earnings call today, EA revealed that the new Need for Speed game aims, again, to return the series to its roots.

georeo1847d ago

Time will tell. Maybe they will sell it to us.

DillyDilly1847d ago

Everything will be behind Microtransactions

blacktiger1847d ago

with microtransaction, why wouldn;'t they

Double_O_Revan1847d ago

Hell, you can probably buy 'Get out of jail free' cards as microtransactions to get the Cops off your back.

Nitrowolf21847d ago

For five dollars apiece or alternatively you could spend 10 to 15 hours to unlock a single racing stripe

AdmGenAladeen1847d ago

EA has produced garbage after garbage release of NFS over the last several years and here we go again with Ghost Games most likely being the dev again. This series needs a reboot by someone who knows what the hell they're doing. Everything from the shitty gameplay to the horrible driving mechanics needs to be scrapped. EA has got to be the dumbest idiots in gaming. They're sitting on a gold mine with the Underground series and that style of gameplay and they continue to release embarrassments every single year. The level of stupidity is so off the charts for this company that selling 4 million units makes them feel like a winner when NFSU3 would sell 3x that amount if properly done. I stopped buying this series years ago and won't ever again unless a new Underground is made but here I am every year waiting and hoping only to be disappointed AGAIN!!

The 10th Rider1847d ago

Criterion was pretty good, but they've been shuttered now.

porkChop1847d ago

Criterion is still there but they don't work on NFS after the disaster that was the MW reboot. They help out on other games. They're kind of like what Raven is for COD.

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meday3541847d ago

Would love some NFS Pro Street 2.

Inzo1847d ago

Bring back the Most Wanted style, get rid of MTs and always online and I will consider it. However that EA tag attached to it could be problematic.

StormLegend1847d ago

Would love another NFS rivals or gameplay style of Underground or Hot pursuit.