Rumor: Need for Speed 2022 Leaked Video Shows Off Cartoon Effects and Reveals New Features

New Need for Speed 2022 leaked footage speculates the game will have cartoon-like effects and revealed numerous new features.

Profchaos285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Standard ea fare wouldnt shock me if they state its free to play "cause we feel that fits the model better" and can pump it full of micro transactions ala the reboot of skate rip skate we hardly knew ye.

Seriously fans have been saying for years remake nfs underground 1, 2 and most wanted (2005 version the 2012 one was just the same in name nothing else) and release that you'll bring back many fans from the golden years who have moved on.

Nfs hasn't been relevant since carbon started the franchise decline this looks like another mediocre game and no drag racing yet again.

Also I don't count the need for speed spft reboot of underground as a remake or attempt and redoing underground as they messed up the driving mechanics and didn't include drag racing.

excaliburps285d ago

Yep. I won't be surprised if the new NFS is F2P. I mean, it worked for Apex, so it should work for other games, right? Right???

I kinda miss the old EA that managed to churn out hits Nowadays? Without Respawn, they are almost at Ubisoft levels of mediocrity.

LucasRuinedChildhood285d ago

There are different types of NFS fans. Hot Pursuit 2010 was fantastic.

I want Criterion to do what they do best - fast, aggressive, arcade racing. The last 3 NFS games were so dull and poorly made (some people insist that NFS Heat is great).

At least Most Wanted 2012 was a fun, competently made racing game. I picked up the controller and had fun. That's all I'm asking for at this stage. Even the generic NFS Rivals was more fun than the last 3 games.

Please, there hasn't been a fun NFS game in around 10 years. Let me have fun. lol

ChiefofLoliPolice284d ago

What's your problem with Heat. Hear was great. Best NFS since the original NFSHP from 2010.

badboyz09285d ago

midnight club please come back!

TheColbertinator285d ago

Rockstar would make a killing with that. They already proved they can market the hell out of GTA V Online racing and a new Midnight Club would give them some much needed positive fanfare.

smashman98285d ago

I’m so surprised they haven’t just decided to package the racing content separately

Profchaos284d ago

I wonder how well midnight club la did for me it was one of the best racing games on the 7th gen especially for coming out so early to but just like that rockstar pulled the plug on the franchise.

whitbyfox285d ago

Auto Modellista 2.

Looks great.

porkChop285d ago

No one remembers that game but I loved it.

BrockEmSockEm285d ago

*sigh* They'll never please the consumer

smashman98285d ago

No drift events or drag races? What? Why?

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